Seven conferences ranked No. 1 for 2 consecutive weeks
“Seven conferences” ranked No. 1 for 2 consecutive weeks! “Aquaman” starts 2nd Film Weekend Entertainment

Seven conferences ranked No. 1 for 2 consecutive weeks! “Aquaman” starts 2nd Film Weekend Entertainment

The nationwide movie recruitment rankings for 2 days (February 9 – February 10) on Saturdays and Sundays were announced by the box office and the movie ” Seven Conferences ” won the first place for 2 consecutive weeks.

This work based on a writer known as “Masaki Hanzawa” series, such as Jun Ike Well ‘s original novel, draws up the turbulence that takes place inside the company as a result of the power mind accusation occurred inside the company of medium-sized manufacturers and Tokyo Construction. Nomura Mansai , Kagawa Teruyuki , Oikawa Mitsuhiro , Kataoka Anaunosuke , Otoo Takami , Fujimori Shingo , Tachikawa Tsuneshi Spring , Kitaoji Kinya gathered gorgeous casts.

” Aquaman ” depicting the active character of DC comics’ popular character ranked second in the first appearance. Jason Momor is serving the role of the main character Aquaman after ” Justice League ” . The third place was ” Masquerade · hotel ” starring Kimura Takuya celebrating the fourth week of release.

In other new releases, ” Theater version City Hunter ” ranked fourth, ” Code Geass Resurrection Lelouch ” ranked fifth, ” La La La ” director Deimian Chasel and Ryan Gosling once again tag ” First Man ” made up of the first appearance in tenth place.

Also, ” Bohemian · Rhapsody ” released in November last year marks the 14th week of publication and is in good position with 8th place. It is nominated for 5 divisions including the 91th Oscar Academy Awards work prize and the leading actor award, which will be announced on 25th (Japan time), and the expectation for the winning result will increase.

This week ” Fortuna’s Eye ” ” His Majesty’s Favorites ” ” Half World ” ” Tiger-san I Was a Cat ” will be released.

【Top 10 Nationwide Movie Mobilizer Rankings from February 9 to February 10, 2019 survey】】 () in parentheses indicate the ranking of last week

1 (1) “Seven Meetings”: 2nd Week
2 (First) “Aquaman”: 1st Week
3 (2) “Masquerade · Hotel”: 4th Week
4 (First) “Theater Version City Hunter: 1st Week
5 (First) “Lelouch of the Resurrection of Code Geass”: 1st Week
6 (5) ” Mary Poppins Returns “: 2nd Week
7 (4) ” Children wishing to die by twelve people: Week 3
8 (6) “Bohemian Rhapsody”: Week 14
9 (3) ” Snow Flower “: Second Week
10 (First) “First Man”: First Week


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