Shah Rukh Khan in Fauji: Due to his habit of arriving late on set, the director ran with stone behind Shahrukh Khan

The director told in an interview how he ran behind him with a stone to teach Shah Rukh Khan a lesson due to his always being late on set. Shahrukh Khan is a Bollywood actor who has acted in many successful Bollywood films. Over a period of more than two decades of his career, Shah Rukh has proved his acting as a prolific actor. Although SRK has its roots in the television industry.

It is a known fact that SRK entered the acting world with a television show called Fauji, but did you know that he was not initially selected to play the lead role? Yes, in an earlier interview the show’s director Colonel Raj Kapoor made some interesting revelations about it. Late director Colonel Kapoor also told how he ended Shah Rukh Khan’s habit of never arriving on time.

Colonel Kapoor said, “Once I was late on the set, I ran after them to kill them with a stone and then SRK started coming on time.” The late director also narrated how SRK as Lt Abhimanyu Rai was selected for the show as the second lead.

Remembering SRK’s meeting, Colonel Kapoor said, “I was looking for commandos and he came to my office. I took a look at him and asked, “Are you going to be a commando”? ‘He said,’ Yes, sir. I will do the role well. I took these people for a race. I was surprised that none of the remaining eight or nine boys returned other than Shahrukh Khan.


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