Shah Rukh Khan was seen shooting with the lights and camera in the balcony of 'Mannat', pictures getting viral

Lockdown was carried out across the country due to Corona virus. This is so that by maintaining social distancing among people, they can be saved from this pandemonium. At the same time, the release and shooting of all many films were stopped due to the lockdown. At the same time, gradually shooting of films and TV serials has started.

However, the Maharashtra government has given permission to resume shooting, but has also issued a guideline for this. But despite all this, the king of Bollywood is not ready to move out of the house. He has started shooting at his home. Recently, Shah Rukh Khan has been seen shooting in the balcony of Mannat.

Recently some pictures of Shahrukh Khan are being walloped in which he is seen in the balcony of his house ‘Mannat’. In the pictures, King Khan is seen shooting. Lights-camera is also seen in Balikani. Fans have been desperate to know what King Khan’s new project has been since these pictures surfaced. What are they going to launch?

Seeing these viral photos of Shahrukh, his fans are also very excited and are eager to see him once again on screen. On these pictures of the actor, his fans are giving their reaction by commenting and expressing their desire to see them on the big screen as soon as possible.

Let us tell you that Shah Rukh Khan had also shot Salman Khan in lockdown earlier. Salman also shot two songs in the midst of lockdown. He did both these songs at his farmhouse in Panbel. Both these songs were well liked by his fans.


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