Shaheen Bhatt received rape threats on Instagram, sharing screenshot and said- Looney Legal ActionCelebs get a lot of love on social media and people like their activity a lot. However, at times celebs also face hate and objectionable comments due to anti-social elements. Celebs have also raised their voice against them on many occasions and have tried to make their comments public by revealing the truth. This time it has happened to actress Alia Bhatt’s sister Shaheen Bhatt and after receiving objectionable comments, Shaheen has shared those comments with people.

Shaheen has shared screenshots of the comments and has also written a long note through an Insta story. The actress told that she and her family are getting threats and many people have threatened rape, after which Shaheen is angry. The actress has told that she is about to take legal action against such objectionable commentary users.

Shaheen wrote, ‘Are you surprised by this? Why? It doesn’t surprise me. Next to this, he has shared a long note through many photographs. Shaheen wrote, ‘So I now talk to those of you, who think it is right to send hate messages to me or anyone. If you send me insulted messages that insult me, then you will have the following things- The message or comment will be blocked first and reported directly to Instagram.

Let me tell you that there is a very good bond between Shaheen and Alia, which has also appeared on social media many times. Shaheen has also battled depression before and after that he also wrote a book about the battle of depression, which was very much discussed.


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