Shahid Kapoor's son Zain, Mira Kapoor shares photo on social media

Kabir Singh is the talk of Shahid Kapoor, but it is not only Shahid but his son Zain is also very popular. Recently, Shahid’s wife Mira Kapoor shared a very cute picture of son Zain from her official Instagram account, which is becoming very viral on social media.

Mira Kapoor is very active on social media and keeps sharing pictures of herself and her children on the day. Even before this, Merry has shared pictures with Zain and Meisha several times. Zain is just a few months away, but seeing her photo is feeling that she is quite a camera-friendly, in a viral picture on Instagram, Zain is wearing a white T-shirt and hairband is placed on her long hair. Nhanhen is giving Zain a stylish look. The highlight of this photo is that while watching photos, Zain’s eyes are only towards Cammer.

With this picture of Zain, Merry has put a caption, ‘Mama, you got it. #babybear #zizou ‘. Shortly after the photo was shared, the lyrics and comments started. Shahid’s mother, Nilima Azim, while commenting, ‘My dear Babusha’ Also, Kira Advani has also commented on the photo by emoji.

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A few days ago, Meera shared a photo of Zain and Meisha with his account, in which Meisha and Zain are enjoying the waves sitting on the seashore.


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