Shahrukh Khan's daughter Suhana Khan shares the video with Flaunt's jewelery, shocked to know the price!

Like Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan, his daughter Suhana Khan is also very much discussed. Suhana always stays in the lime light for some reason or the other. Talking about Star Kids, Suhana’s fan following is very high. Suhana’s latest pictures and videos continue to go viral on social media. Meanwhile, a new video of Suhana has surfaced. In this video, Suhana Khan is seen flaunting jewelery, the cost of which will surprise you.

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Suhana Khan recently shared a video on her Instagram account. In this video, Suhana’s jewelery is seen flaunting. The special thing is that Suhana’s face is not seen in the video. She is simply flaunting Gold-Diamond Cartier jewelery in her hands. He posted a photo and a boomerang video.

The rings Suhana wore are from Cartier jewelry. Out of that, a ring is priced at Rs 2,62,115. Apart from this, Suhana Khan’s diamond bracelet is also worth millions. Even before this, Suhana has been seen many times before with precious jewelery. Suhana was last seen flaunting Gold-Diamond Cartier jewelery. Suhana Khan wore a diamond bracelet, gold necklace, diamond pendant and three rings. In which she looked very beautiful.

Suhana Khan has not yet stepped into acting, despite this her fan following is no less than a superstar. Along with Suhana’s latest, her throwback videos also go viral on social media. Fans eagerly wait for their latest pictures and videos. His photo goes viral on social media. His fans also like and comment fiercely on his pictures and videos.


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