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Rajat takes snap of the letter and sends to Soumya. He tells that he’ll hold the unique letter. He calls a person and asks to discover Varun’s area at the day and time of Surbhi’s death. He gets a name and the caller informs that Varun’s region changed into identical of that of Surbhi. Rajat informs all and sundry and says now you recognize who will win the case. Soumya thanks Rajat for his help. Rajat comes home and thinks his spouse would had been with him to proportion the happiness. He opens the door and finds his wife standing on the door. Rajat turns his face and says you left me after writing a letter to me. His wife asks him no longer to fight the case. His wife Sneha attempts to emotionally blackmail him, locks the door and runs away. Rajat comes out through window and tells that he’ll fight the case, and says you’re nonetheless betrayal and disloyal.

Harman is praying within the inhouse temple and tells that he is praying for his Devi. Soumya thanks him. Harman prays to Mata Rani and tells that nowadays is my Soumya’s victory day. Soumya says lets do aarti. Veeran, Raavi and others come there. Harman says we could move. Rajat is leaving from his spouse. Sneha calls him and asks if he is not going to courtroom. He says i am going to courtroom. just then a person hits Sneha on her head and she falls down injured. anybody waits for Rajat to return within the court docket. Rajat is on his manner to court docket. He gets a call from the health center asking him to come soon. Soumya thinks where is he? Rajat turns his motorbike and is going to health center. Sneha is getting treatment inside the sanatorium. Soumya thinks why Rajat didn’t come till now.

Chaddha gets up from his seat and tells that they’re watching for Rajat. He says it seems he’s going to now not come and asks choose to present the decision. Soumya requests judge that they shall await some extra time. Rajat involves the health facility and asks health practitioner about Sneha. doctor tells that she is solid now and asks him to pay the bill. Soumya calls Rajat, however he doesn’t select her name. Chaddha tells Soumya that Rajat eloped and asks decide to close the case. Harman says they have performed something with our attorney. Chaddha says Rajat ji claimed and acted large, however he didn’t get the proofs. Soumya says she has proofs. Varun remembers listening to Soumya and Harman and informs Chaddha. Soumya tells that Rajat is having proofs and that’s why he’s stopped from coming right here. Chaddha thinks she has a duplicate of the letter and thinks he shall make the letter beside the point. Soumya tells that she has proof and asks choose to see the evidence in her mobile. Shakti track prays. Rajat sits beside Sneha and thinks wherein is his telephone. He is about to head. Sneha receives up and feels pain. Rajat asks how is she? Sneha says they will kill me. Rajat asks who? Sneha asks him to sit beside him. Rajat asks her to loosen up. Sneha thinks I received’t allow you to combat this situation. judge reads the letter and offers smartphone to Soumya. Chaddha tells that the electronic evidences aren’t permissible in court. He asks what’s the proof that it is written by means of Surbhi. Soumya says this is fact. judge asks for the unique letter? Soumya says it’s miles with Rajat. Chaddha says don’t realize what occurred to Rajat. choose tells that no digital proof is suitable in court and that’s why it is not referred to as as proof. Chadda smiles.

Precap: Harman and Soumya come out of doors Rajat’s residence. Harman shouts calling him. Soumya asks him to believe her and tells that they have no longer started out this combat on Rajat’s saying.

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Shakti 10th April 2019

Shakti 10 April 2019
Shakti 10 April
Shakti 10th April


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