Shakti 10th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Gulabo. He says she moved toward becoming bewafa and asks her to tell for what reason you did this and asks what was less in his affection. Soumya says my character came infront of us generally, at whatever point he denied my personality, I kept myself a long way from him. She says I thought my personality is harming him, however I wasn’t right as I can be content with him as he acknowledged me and gave me my character. She says I don’t have a clue how to amend this error. She says this world is against us and says mummy ji and kareena don’t need us to be as one. She says you have constantly bolstered me and get me and requests that her free her from Gurumaa’s position and says she will persuade Harman. Saya says I will perceive what to do.

Harman figures presently there is no hope, you are bewafa. Vedant takes a gander at Soumya’s pic and says you have rejected my affection, presently I will get you from some other way. Saya calls the Gurumaas of better places and reveals to them that it isn’t feasible for Tarana to be Param Gurumaa, so’s the reason I demand you to liberate her from this position. Soumya additionally demands them. The Gurumaas’ tell that she can’t live the position. Saya says she isn’t care for us and says your choice can transform her. Gurumaa says what regarding the swear which you have taken when getting to be Gurumaa. Soumya says she will satisfy her obligations with Harman. Gurumaa won’t. Saya asks Soumya to flee and says she will deal with them.

Kareena holds Soumya’s hand and says she can’t go from here. Gurumaas tell that they will keep her hostage until she alters her perspective. Saya advises Soumya isn’t reasonable to move toward becoming Gurumaa until she has affections for Harman and home. All the kinnars express the equivalent and decline to acknowledge Soumya as the Param Gurumaa. Ex param Gurumaa comes and tells that Saya advised her beginning and end and she came to do equity here. She says Soumya needs to leave Gurumaa’s position at the present time and new Param Gurumaa will be picked by everybody’s assent. Saya discloses to Soumya that she is allowed to go now and requests that her tell Harman and Harak Singh that she is liberated at this point. She says proceed to carry on with your life, you are Harman’s life, Harak’s bahu and Soham’s mom. Soumya runs out joyfully and crying. Tu hello there mera khuda plays… ..Their minutes are appeared. Soumya is as yet strolling.

Preeto asks Harman until when he will be pitiful. Harman says I was a trick to keep running behind a bewafa and says I will overlook everything. Harak Singh acknowledges him. Preeto says she will make Pulao for him. Examiner comes and asks where is Harman Singh. Harman asks what’s going on did I do? Assessor says we will tell in Police station. He demonstrates the capture warrant. Harak Singh asks what is the wrongdoing, what’s going on did he do?

Auditor says an organization recorded body of evidence against him. Preeto says which organization and what is his wrongdoing. Soumya comes there calling Harman and sees him cuffed by the Inspector. Tu hello mera khuda plays… …

Precap: Vedant thinks his last trick is effective. Harman says he is caught by Vedant. Soumya asks Vedant to free Harman. He says he has a condition.


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