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The Episode begins with Rajat seeing Harman and Soumya tailing him. He tosses the drums on their way. Harman puts the unexpected break. He at that point begins the vehicle. Varun goes to Sumit’s home and breaks the things in her home. He says you have fouled up by offering letter to Soumya. Chaddha requests that her will not offer letter to Soumya. Varun says we have enquired where Sumit works in UK. Sukha requests that her will not have offered letter to Soumya in court else the open is distraught and can do anything. Sumit’s mom gets frightened and consents to do anything. Harman calls Harak Singh and tells that Rajat Singh is missing. They were tailing him and after that they couldn’t discover him. Rajat comes to sanctuary. Sneha says I realize you won’t do this slip-up once more. Rajat asks Sneha to sit. Shanno is holing up behind the vehicle and tells that Rajat took Sneha to station. Sneha supposes she has been effective, that he left case. Rajat takes a U turn and takes Sneha some place. He says you will be secured this room. Sneha says that implies you won’t lose the case. Rajat discloses to her that Soumya and Harman have their expectations stuck on me, and tells that he can’t break the guarantee. Sneha says I would have remarried, however I sat tight for you since 15 years. Rajat says I simply need time. Sneha says gives up some place from here. Rajat says we won’t steal away anybody. I will battle the case and furthermore with the general population who is after you. Sneha says those men are perilous, for what reason don’t you get it.

Harman and Soumya go to Rajat’s home. Harman thinks Rajat is a selling out. Sneha asks Rajat not to abandon her there and says you are again doing likewise botch. Rajat says I will flee from foes and from the companions who confided in me. Sneha says I realize that you will never break their trust and says you haven’t changed even at this point. She takes out her telephone and calls Chaddha. She tells that Rajat secured her some room in interstate and went. A few goons come there and reproves him for battling kinnar’s case. Rajat battles with them. Different goons take Sneha with them. Rajat is going to keep running behind them, when Harman and Soumya come infront of him. Harman takes the bicycle keys. Rajat says I have to go. Harman inquires as to for what reason did you take up our situation when you would prefer not to battle. Rajat says I will battle the case, and will let you know everything. He says they have hijacked Sneha and taken her. Harman says you will be embarrassed to deceive us by telling about your significant other. He calls him defeatist and so forth. Rajat pushes him and takes the keys. He advises that Sneha came to him and asked him not to battle the case. He says I needed to enquire why she came to me and why she don’t need me to battle the case. Harman says you are lying. Soumya says he isn’t lying and takes Sneha’s bindi from his shirt. Rajat tells everything. Soumya says how those men came to think about this spot. Harman says for what reason did she come following 15 years and asking you not to battle the case.

Shanno discloses to Chaddha that Sneha was their last expectation, however don’t what will occur. Chaddha tosses water all over and takes a gander at her. Sneha cries. Chaddha says he secured you room and went. He holds her neck and attempts to choke out her, and says you was his first love, couldn’t persuade him. He says I got hitched to you tuning in to your dad, yet you are futile and I have no an incentive for pointless things. He winds her hand and asks Shanno to secure her room. Chaddha thinks to make the third hearing as last and win the case. Rajat recounts about his romantic tale and tells that his dad demonstrated her underage and I was imprisoned to wed a minor. He says later on he was discharged from prison, I got a letter and the saree which I gave her. Soumya says might be she abandoned you as she don’t need you to fall in any issue, and might be she left for your advancement. Rajat guarantees them that he will battle their case. Chaddha calls Rajat and tells that Sneha is in his care and on the off chance that he comes to court on Monday, at that point he will kill her. Rajat asks who are you? Chaddha closes the call. Rajat says I entered court following 15 years, as your affection helped me to remember my adoration. He says simply like you both help one another, I wish Sneha additionally underpins me. Soumya says I guarantee that you will remain again with Sneha. Harman says it is our guarantee. They look Sneha out and about. A few goons come and capture Soumya.

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Precap: Harman looks for Soumya and discovers her mangalsutra on floor. Shanno torments Soumya and binds her to the emergency clinic bed. She says I will fix your home and will give you infant. Specialist accomplishes something. Soumya yells… .


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