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Soumya says it is not a risk, and tells that they’re pleading infront of decide, law and the regulation system.

Sneha apologizes to Rajat and tells that she changed into no longer disloyal. Rajat asks why did you go away me then and why you want me now not to combat the case. He says I should fight this example, as Harman and Soumya’s hopes are pinned on me. Sneha says what about my hopes. She says shall we elope someplace, and says you have got made all of the people as your enemies, taking this kinnar case. She says she don’t need to lose him again. She says last time they had been separated for 15 years and asks him to take her from there. Rajat asks her to chill out and tells that he’s here. He thinks whom to help, my love who again after 15 years to do a deal, or Soumya and the kinnars who are hoping to get justice thru me.judge tells that they shall produce paper proof within the court docket of Surbhi’s letter. He adjourns the court docket till Monday. Harman and Soumya go out. Soumya says we were given a brand new date, however what’s going to we do. She says Rajat said that we will win the case using Surbhi’s letter, however he didn’t come.

Harman says he betrayed us and he ran faraway from court cases because 10 years. He says this situation is a recreation for him and goes out. Soumya comes at the back of him. Rajat recalls Sneha’s phrases and then Soumya’s hopes from him. He thinks he can’t depart Soumya at the way. Sneha sees him standing outdoor, and writes on a paper. She then takes her telephone and leaves from the health facility. Rajat turns and is derived inside the ward, however she is already long gone. He tests for her within the lavatory and reads the letter stored there. He reads the smartphone range written on it. He uses hospital smartphone to name on that wide variety. Sneha picks his call and tells that the ones people came within the health facility and asks him to take a proper selection. She takes out the sim card and throws it. A vehicle comes there. Sneha wears the mangalsutra. Harman and Soumya come to Rajat’s house. He knocks on the door and asks him to pop out. Soumya asks him to loosen up. Harman gets in the residence and breaks the things in his room. Soumya unearths Rajat’s cellphone in his residence. She says may be he became helpless. Harman tells that this guy can’t move everywhere till our selection is taken, and says he’s going to take him to court.

Sukha asks Varun in which is Rajat, and asks if he did some thing. Varun says I didn’t do some thing. He says then who did this. Sneha goes from there inside the vehicle and appears at them. Rajat calls on her wide variety and unearths it to be off. He liquids wine considering her and calls her time and again. He recollects her phrases.

Harman and Soumya come to Rajat’s house once more. Harman calls him. Soumya asks him to chill out and asks if he widespread her along with her identification on Rajat’s sayings and if they commenced this custody combat on his announcing and asks him to trust Mata Rani. She says she just needs his assist and asks him to return domestic. Rajat is coming domestic, whilst a fast rapid car is ready to hit him. Harman saves him and asks you’re under the influence of alcohol. He says you gave us wish and left us alone. Soumya says they shall take him domestic. They take Rajat to his house and make him sleep. Soumya exams him and says he is having high fever. Harman checks for the medication. Soumya takes the bedsheet to tie his ft. Harman asks what’s she doing? Soumya tells that even mummy ji does the identical aspect when someone have fever. Harman is disappointed. Soumya tells that he supported her and took our case, while all and sundry refused to take the case. She asks him to let her take care of him and brings a bowl of water, and continues moist cloth on his forehead. Rajat wakes up within the morning with a heavy head. He receives up and sees Soumya within the kitchen. He receives amazed.

Soumya brings lemon water for him, and says she made it to relieve his headache. Rajat liquids it and asks what you both are doing right here? Harman says Soumya cares for you continue to and tells which you betrayed us and didn’t come for hearing. He asks why did you betray us, and says I need solutions to all my questions. Door bell rings. Milk man comes and says he came to give milk. Rajat asks her to take the bowl from kitchen. Milkman comes interior and asks Rajat what happened to him. He offers him Sneha’s letter and asks him to examine it. Soumya brings bowl and takes milk. Harman asks Soumya to make sturdy coffee for anybody, and greater robust for Rajat. Rajat tells that he will visit courtroom, and tells that he wishes to report the papers else they will get late. Soumya tells Harman that today is Sunday and the court docket could be closed these days. Harman says we will comply with him and asks her to do as he says.

Precap: Rajat is using on his bike and sees Harman and Soumya following him. He attempts to prevent them. Harman involves him and asks him to reply him. Rajat asks him to allow him cross.

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Shakti 11 April 2019
Shakti 11th April 2019
Shakti 11 April
Shakti 11th April


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