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Soumya praying to Mata Rani within the temple and asks if there is no corner for her and says she wants to spend her existence peaceful with Soham there. Harman calls her and asks wherein is she? Soumya says she is coming and is on the manner. She prays to Mata Rani and asks her to assist her to get her rights. Preeto tells Raavi that they will have food after Soumya comes, just then she comes domestic. Preeto asks about Soham. Harak Singh asks in the event that they afflicted Soham. Harman says she must be hungry, permit her to consume first. Preeto asks her to have meals. Harman feeds meals to Soumya along with his hand. He asks if she met Soham. Soumya thinks approximately Sunaina and Sweety now not letting her see him. She tells that Soham cries after which keeps quiet. He plays and smiles. Raavi asks did they supply Soham to you? Soumya says sure

and says they gave me Soham to make him quiet. She tells Harak Singh that Mallika did, Chameli and others got here to Sukha’s residence, and tells that she instructed her that she saw Gary hiding guns within the toys truck. Harak Singh says nothing will happen and asks her to have meals.
in the room, Harman asks Soumya if they let her meet Soham. Soumya says whenever she tried to peer him, they used to hide him. She says she has achieved all of the paintings, however, they didn’t let her meet him. She cries hugging him and tells that she will be able to cross the following day additionally and will get the proofs against them. Harman says you shall get the fruit on your work and takes out wine bottle from the cupboard and asks Soumya to come back. He is going to Sukha’s residence and calls absolutely everyone. Sukha comes out together with others and feels pity for Harman’s condition. Harman acts inebriated and says you all are a coward and used a baby to take out enmity. He signs Soumya. Soumya is going inside and takes a baby in her hand and kisses him. She performs with him. Does Gurmeet ask you got here once more? He threatens to conquer him once more.

Neighbour comes and asks him to go. Harman asks Gurmeet to boost him. Sukha says he is my son. Harman says he’s just your son and asks him to boost him and placed him the onthe floor. Varun says decision shall be performed if Harak Singh’s wrestling is deep or Gurmeet’s 10 years vintage revenge. Harman demanding situations him. Sukha says there may be wrestling among you both. Soumya feeds milk to toddler and makes him sleep. She continues the bottle returned. Sukha asks Gurmeet to show that his blood isn’t always water. Harman recalls promising Soumya that he’s going to no longer fight with all people. Gurmeet is set to assault Harman. Harman asks him to forestall and looks at Soumya, who got here out and hides. He tells that today he is not in a temper to fight and says we will fight a few another day. He says accurate night and asks them to sleep. He walks far away from there.

Harman asks Soumya if she saw Soham. Soumya says she played with Soham, held him, fed him and made him sleep. She says she felt peaceful seeing him and thank you him. Harman says nowadays he did something special and acted to be drunk for the first time with out consuming wine. He asks her to inform Soham anything he has done. Soumya says without a doubt. He says we could go outside. Harman says we can inform him the whole thing. Soumya says we will sit right here for some time and speak.

in the morning, Harman comes to Soumya and says exact morning Gulabo. She asks him to permitted sleep. He asks her to drink tea and take a look at the time. She tests the time and asks why you didn’t wake me up before. She tells that she will take bath and move. Harman asks her to have tea first. Soumya thanks him. Harman says rest is good. Does Soumya say you are right here to attend tome and asks in which is your tea? Harman says I brought tea with the desire that…Soumya makes him drink tea.

Maninder tells Harak Singh that I know that I have no cost on your or Sukha’s view. He says i know how plenty you love your son and have many dreams of grandchildren. He says I know you love your grandson and asks him to help him get lower back his grandson and says i can go away the pind. Harak Singh asks him to transport on and asks him to love his daughter once and notice. He says it becomes my responsibility to tell you and leaves selection on you. Maninder says adequate, if you couldn’t return child to me, then maintain him with your self, don’t recognize what Varun will do with the baby.

Harman gives Surbhi’s report to legal professional and says you need to make case in opposition to Varun checking this. Harak Singh says we referred to as you as you are no 1. He says we arepositive that Varun had killed Surbhi. legal professional checks the record and says there nothing in the report which states that he killed his wife. Inspector comes there. Harman asks if there is any case or file on Gurmeet’s call. Inspector says no. Harman says i can play their band with law’s help.

Precap: Soumya looks at a baby and says he is unwell. Sweety says it happens to the baby. Soumya asks them to take him to the doctor. Sukha asks her to visit her residence walking and bring Harman there asking him to come to be Servant at his residence. Soumya is shocked.

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