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The Episode starts with Soumya, Rajat and Harman asking a guy on the street if he saw Sneha, showing her percent. the fellow asks if she went missing? Rajat says a person abducted her. the fellow tells that they have heard some goons speaking about kidnapping a woman and preserving her captive in isolated den. Soumya tells Harman that they shall move separate approaches and search for the location. Varun kidnaps Soumya and takes her in the van. he is taking her to health facility where Shanno is anticipating her. She asks Shanno why she is doing this? Shanno says i am homeless due to you and says i’m staying far from my children because of you, and says i will provide you with youngsters and get you married also. She takes her to bed. Varun leaves from right here asking Shanno to deal with her.

Harman and Rajat come to realize that there may be no den or tea stall nearby from different man. Varun and Shanno attain Chaddha’s residence with Sukha. Chaddha asks them to make Soumya’s condition worsened until the case ends. Sukha says he’s going to kill all Harak Singh’s family. Shanno says but not anything shall show up to Veeran. Varun says you are my best proper relative who is helping me. Harman calls Soumya and unearths her mangalsutra on ground. Rajat says that guy lied to us about den and tea stall. He says Soumya is kidnapped. Shanno blames Soumya for living a everyday existence and blames her for ruining her life. She asks doctor to give her electric surprise. She ties Soumya to medical institution bed. health practitioner offers her electric surprise. Soumya shouts.

Sukha tells Sarpanch that the court case will quit by way of 1:30 pm and now you have to assume what you have to do with Harak Singh’s family. Sarpanch says if Harak Singh need to live here then he has to comply with our norms else should leave this pind. Rajat and Harman come there. Harman asks wherein is Soumya? Harak Singh comes and holds Sukha’s collar. Rajat asks Chaddha wherein is Sneha? Chaddha says which Sneha? Rajat says you had taken cash from her father and fought the case. Chaddha says ok, and tells that he didn’t understand. He asks him to move and search her. Varun says we are able to document defamation case against you. Sukha asks Harak Singh to go looking his kinnar bahu outside. Rajat asks Harman to come back, and says I understand the way to search them. Harman says if anything occurs to Soumya then i will do your justice out of doors the court. Soumya remains getting electric shocks and reminisces Harman after the shock. Harman misses Soumya and reminisces her. Judaai music plays..Their moments is shown. Chadariya..plays…..

Soumya is semiconscious and misses him. Harman says Soumya is bearing a lot and says she was true in kinnars’ world, atleast she wouldn’t have felt pain. Preeto says others pain troubles self and tells that they’re seeing him in pain, and says this is your life. we’re proud of your future and asks him now not to be unhappy. She asks Mata Rani to defend Soumya and produce her to courtroom. physician asks Shanno to wake her up. Shanno slaps her and asks her to awaken. Soumya says leave me alone. doctor says lets try again and gives her electric surprise once more. They provide him shock all night. within the morning, Soumya acts as a child and says she wants to exit and play in rain. She says she is hungry and says Maa will deliver food for me. Shanno gets glad and smiles. doctor says she became what we need her to come to be. They assume she has turn out to be mad.

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