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The Episode begins with Vedant asking Soumya to return to room as he has a few critical paintings. he takes her to room. Her smartphone rings. Vedant takes her cellphone and switches it off. She says you may now not speak to all people until our marriage and contact might be with me. Saya gets involved and tells Chameli that Soumya is not selecting the decision. Chameli asks her to call once more. Saya thinks Soumya by no means does this. Veeran scolds Shanno and asks why did she make him insulted and asks why did you are making Harman have wine knowing it’s far dangerous to his life. Shanno says you are not properly and tells that even you tried to kill Harman. Preeto hears them and is going. Shanno tells Veeran that she become unsuccessful due to the fact he didn’t aid her. Veeran asks did I marry you to do horrific with my family.

Preeto involves Harak Singh and says if there is any manner to bring back Soumya in this house. Harak Singh says we’ve by no means conventional her absolutely in this residence as she is a kinnar. He says it changed into all of your mistake, first you hate her immensely and you then cherished her immensely. He says now Soumya is happy with Vedant and he or she is glad with Harman’s marriage. Preeto says she wants to deal with her son. Harak Singh says let this cat and rat recreation is over and tells that Mahi is pregnant with Harman’s child and their dream is fulfilled. Preeto says I don’t want to unite them, she is still a kinnar and i want her to make Harman exceptional. Harak Singh asks her to just accept that Soumya is of Vedant and Harman is of Mahi.

Rekha asks Mr. Bansal what did Soumya say while you employed her? She says she stated that she changed into an orphan. He says yes and says she is a pleasant female. Rekha tells that Vedant argues with Soumya and hides from them. She says Soumya behaves like she is a Maharani of some location. Mr. bansal thinks I shall no longer inform her about Soumya’s fact, after marriage they may visit London.

Harman sees Mahi making preparations to sleep on ground. He asks her to sleep on mattress and insists her. Mahi says i will sleep on floor. Harman says i can sleep on couch and asks her to sleep on mattress. He says he fulfills all his guarantees made to Soumya.

Vedant comes to room and locks the door from interior. Saya calls on Soumya’s range. Soumya asks him to give call to her. Vedant says until marriage happens, you’ll be in my custody. He asks her to wake him up inside the morning for commencing the lock.

next morning, Mahi pulls the curtain. Soumya wakes up asking Gulabo to allow him sleep. He sees Mahi and forestalls. Mahi tells him that she wants to listen a lot about Soumya and says even the child wants to hear his father’s bravery. Harman smiles. Mahi says Soumya is like my didi and i want to recognize about her. Harman starts telling the tale and tells that he went to kidnap a female refusing his pal, however he abducted Soumya rather after which he got married to her infront of the humans.

Saya and others come to Soumya and Vedant’s mehendi. Vedant asks her to sit quietly. Chameli asks if they will get nek. Rekha says why no longer and takes money from Adesh and gives to them. She asks Saya to bless Soumya and says she is an orphan, however we are fortunate to have this sort of stunning woman in our own family. As Vedant talks to Rohan, Saya goes to Soumya and asks what blessings she shall supply as a mother or as a kinnar. Soumya asks her to provide any benefits. Rekha hears them and is stunned. Saya is going from there. Chameli tells Saya that Soumya’s mehendi is executed and very quickly she will be able to marry Vedant. Saya says we will’t do some thing, this marriage can’t forestall now. Rekha comes out and asks them to forestall. She says I heard you speakme to Soumya, but didn’t understand what you said. Saya says I blessed her and came out. Rekha asks why she become calling you maa. Chameli says she is kinnar of our network. Rekha receives bowled over and taken aback. Chameli says we are all her family.

Rekha comes interior and asks decorators to stop the preparations, says this marriage will no longer occur. She sprinkles gangajal in the house. Mr. bansal asks why are you sprinkling gangajal. Rekha says Soumya is without a doubt a kinnar, she become staying with us, turned into making us having food and touched us and you turned into about to marry her. Vedant says what you got here to recognise today, we knew already. Rekha and Adesh are greatly surprised.

Precap: Vedant goals gun at Mr. bansal and takes Soumya to temple. Mr. Bansal informs Harman that Vedant and Soumya’s marriage became faux and nowadays he goes to marry her forcibly. Harman receives dissatisfied. Vedant takes her to temple forcibly to marry her.


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