Shakti 12th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Varun seeing Nani rather than Soumya and says they’ve betrayed us. Nani remembers Harak Singh and Preeto asking Soumya and Harman to go along with Soham, however Soumya refuses to gi. Harak Singh says we will cross together and locks the door after taking them out. Harman asks Harak Singh to open the door. Soumya asks why did you close up the door. Harak Singh guarantees him to move fast. Harman says we are able to move together or will not move. Soumya asks Nani to open the door. Nani offers her promise and asks her to go. Soumya asks Nani no to depart her guide and no longer to make her far from her. Nani says i’m now not making you some distance, however wishes you to be excellent and satisfied. She says Nimmo and Surbhi desired to look you glad. A facebook scene of Soumya’s childhood is seen. a totally unique second for Soumya and Nani. She asks Soumya to go. Harman promises Nani that he’ll usually defend Soumya and Soham and could by no means permit something appear to them. He asks Soumya to agree for their circle of relatives members and asks her to return. fb ends. Harak Singh, Preeto and others attain there and notice Nani injured. Preeto asks Harak Singh to name doctor. Nani says my time is finished and asks her to tell Soumya to combat and says at some point ache will defeated from her. She says i’m able to’t assist Soumya now. Preeto asks Harak Singh to call health practitioner.

Nani says no, my time has come, I should go, inform Soumya that the world can hate her, however she feels pleased with Soumya and she or he will pray to God to make Soumya as her daughter, despite the fact that she is a kinnar. She takes her closing breath and dies. Soumya feels something and stops calling Nani. Harman asks her to come back. Preeto tells the villagers that they’re so inhuman and took a lifestyles of an harmless lady. She asks Varun, Sukha and others to hit stones on them and kill them too. Harak Singh attempts to calm down. Varun says we didn’t ask Nani to run like Soumya. Harak Singh tells Sarpanch and others that they have killed an innocent woman and tells that until he’s alive, he won’t allow them to do something to his bahu rani. Sukha says why are we listening to his nonsense, we shall go to railway station or bus stand. Sarpanch says yes, we will cross there. He asks the people to come back. Sukha messages his goon to attain bus stand with his guys. Preeto tells Harak Singh that they shall not allow Nani’s sacrifice pass waste, and could cross there. She asks Shanno to be there. Saya tells that it is ideal that Maninder and Dadi reach secure place.

Chameli involves them and says Nani is not any extra. Saya is greatly surprised. Harman and Soumya are about to visit bus stand, however the villagers, Sukha, Varun and Sarpanch surround them. Sarpanch calls her kinnar. The men assault them. Harman beats them. a person reaches there retaining a big hammer in his fingers. Soumya shouts Harman ji. Harak Singh, Preeto and others reach there and fight with the villagers, goons and others. Sukha asks his goons to scrub their arms inside the attack and kill all Harak Singh’s circle of relatives. Saya and others come there and says if every person does some thing then she can kill them. Harak Singh’s buddy tells that now they recognize why Harak Singh’s circle of relatives favors them and says they may kill them. Saya says you need humanity for being Harak Singh like own family that you don’t have. Harman fights with the men. Saya and others combat too. Harak Singh and his own family combat with the goons and villagers. Raavi brings Media there. Reporter captures their video. All responsible people conceal their faces. A goon hits on Harman’s head. Saya protects him.

Reporter tells that police reached here, however no longer preventing the rise up/combat. She asks human beings to look the riots taking place in Gurdaspur. Inspector sees media and asks Constable to prevent them. He shouts asking every body to forestall. Reporter tells that the villagers don’t regard kinnars even as human and says what is more surprising is, that regulation and order is attacking kinnars. She asks cameraman to capture Sarpanch and others. Sarpanch takes the camera from the cameraman and breaks it. Reporter says half of the story went live already. Many journalists come there. Reporter asks Inspector if he also thinks kinnars as insects. Inspector says this case will go to court docket. He asks anybody to visit their homes. Varun says I simply need my son and asks him to give Soham. Harman refuses to provide Soham. Varun says i’m able to get my son, and asks Harman if he’s the father of Soham. Inspector says court will decide now.

Precap: Harman beats Sukha and says you have killed Nani. He asks Soumya to decide about him. Soumya tells that she additionally thinks her life is cursed, but now seeing her family sacrificing their lives for them, she will be able to combat for her rights and identity. They cremate Nani.


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