Shakti 13th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Rekha asking Vedant if there are no women inside the world. Vedant says he loves her. Rekha says on the grounds that adolescence you want specific things and asks him and Mr. Bansal to reflect onconsideration on people’s thoughts. She asks did you do that business enterprise fraud to get her and says if I had recognized that she is a kinnar then wouldn’t have helped you. She asks Soumya to go. Vedant holds her hand and says Soumya will now not go. Rekha says then i’m able to depart from here and might’t see my brother married to a kinnar. Mr. bansal cries. Vedant says whoever desires to cross can depart and asks them to move. Rohan comes there. Rekha asks him to come back. Vedant calls the decorators and asks them to do the decorations and says marriage will take place nowadays itself. Mr. bansal involves Rekha and asks her to remember that Vedant desires to stay with Soumya and loves her. Rekha says in case you had stopped him then this wouldn’t have occurred. She says his stubbornness is undigestable. Saya and others wait out of doors to peer if marriage is occurring or now not.

Harman tells Mahi that after that, Preeto saw her and fixed his marriage along with her. Mahi asks him to reveal Soumya’s video. Harman says my telephone is complete of her movies and suggests the films on his cellular. Mahi smiles looking the video.

Rohan tells Rekha that he don’t want to head and desires to stay until the wedding. She says if i am going nowadays then will in no way go back. Rekha asks him to come back. Rohan says I want to wait Mami’s marriage. Rekha frees Rohan’s hand and pushes Soumya. Vedant stands up and holds her. He says if you have problem with Soumya then don’t attend marriage, but stay for Dad atleast. Rekha says we can no longer come right here and i can name Dad to London and he’s going to stay with us. Rohan says however i can come after developing up. Mr. bansal receives emotional. Rekha sits in car, accompanied by Rohan and Adesh. They depart. Saya, Chameli and others appears on. Saya says they might have attempted to forestall the wedding, however failed. Mahi watches haldi video and asks if it is diwali video. Harman says he became walking behind her to use haldi. He finds her getting emotional and suggests her video in which he is combing her hairs. they arrive down. every person sees them coming down. Mahi tells him that Soumya is very good and the house would have brightened with her presence. Raavi asks do you want to end up like her? Mahi says she wants to become like her for her husband. Vedant asks Soumya who informed Rekha and asks her to name Saya and others there. Mr. Bansal says Rekha didn’t want to wait the marriage and that’s why left. Vedant asks Soumya if he is doing this along with her human beings. Soumya gets disappointed.

Rohan tells Rekha that she did wrong and pushed Soumya. Rekha remembers the happenings. driving force is riding the car, the truck comes from the other path and hits their vehicle. Mr. Bansal, Vedant and Soumya attain the hospital. doctor asks Mr. bansal to come and take him to morgue. Mr. Bansal, Soumya and Vedant see Rekha’s useless body.

Mr. Bansal shouts Rekha’s name and cries. medical doctor suggests Adesh’s lifeless frame. Mr. Bansal cries badly. They see some other included lifeless frame. Soumya thinks of Rohan’s phrases. doctor moves the cloth from the dead body’s face and he’s driver.

Harman receives uncomfortable and receives up from the eating table. Preeto asks what befell? Mahi says i can see. Soumya asks medical doctor about the small boy with them. Vedant says Rohan. Mahi asks Harman what occurred? Harman says nothing. She says you obtain up from having desk and asks him to finish the food. Harman says Soumya is in pain and afflicted much. Soumya cries badly.

Doctor says handiest he ought to live on, he has minor accidents and is in ward no 2. Soumya runs to Rohan’s ward. Tu hello mera khuda performs…Harman tells his own family that he’s going to no longer run to Soumya and says we’ve got promised each other no longer to meet once more. Soumya cries seeing Rohan subconscious.

Precap: Vedant and Soumya sit for marriage. Harman comes there. Vedant’s goons beat up Harman and lighting fixtures fireplace around him. Vedant is taking rounds with Soumya forcibly. Harman appears on.


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