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The Episode starts with Inspector telling that all of them can pass. Media says they will cowl all of the story till the decision. Inspector asks Harak Singh and his family and says they will deliver safety. Harman says where changed into your protection the day past, whilst all villagers pelted stones on our house. Harak Singh asks do you’ve got solution now? Saya says they will guard Harak Singh and his own family and says we’ve got misplaced desire from Police and will see a way to guard them. Preeto says if whatever happens to any of my circle of relatives individuals then Varun, Sukha and all villagers may be responsible. Reporter says people misplaced hopes from Police, however still I consider justice could be finished. Inspector assures her. Raavi thank you the reporter for her help. Reporter asks Raavi to call her whenever she wishes them and says my group and i are with you all. Soumya asks about Nani. She asks Preeto to mention. Preeto tells about Nani getting stones on her head to protect Soumya. Soumya runs from there fast and remembers Nani asking her to run and trust that nothing will appear to her till she is alive.

Soumya comes to the street where Nani is lying useless and cries. She asks Nani to open the door and says you could’t go away me. Harak Singh, Preeto, others and kinnars come there and look on. Soumya cries asking Nani to stand up. She asks God what did he do together with her Nani. She asks Harman to look what they did with Nani and asks why you didn’t deliver me back, they’ve killed Nani and punished her big. She says villagers burnt my Nani in revenge fire. Soumya says she died saving a kinnar. Preeto says no longer a kinnar, but her grand daughter. She says she wanted you to be born to her as her daughter in every start. Soumya cries. Harman says sorry. Soumya says society punished Nani rather than her. Harman says once they noticed Nani to your clothes, they killed her. He says Nani sacrificed her life for you. Saya says she should have left the city like Maninder and Dadi, however she didn’t go and asks Soumya to have endurance. Harman says Nani has sacrificed her life.

Harman and Soumya together with their own family contributors come to the crematorium ground. Harak singh holds the fireplace wood and says I did a large mistake and insulted her, i’ve end up debted to her. He offers hearth to Nani and folds his hand. Harman says first mummy ji, Surbhi and you’ve sacrificed your lives and says I promise that every one the world will be given Soumya with her identification. Sukha comes there and says what was the need for her to wear Soumya’s garments and run. Harak Singh asks Sukha to run as Harman is angry. Harman receives angry and holds Sukha, blaming him for Nani’s homicide and tells that he’ll burn him within the same fire. Harak Singh and Preeto ask Harman to go away him. Harman says i’m able to no longer kill her, but today Soumya will take a selection now. Soumya says even I used to think that she is cursed, but who has the own family guide, who is prepared to sacrifice for her, and says she can’t be cursed. she will fight for her rights and for her identity. Harman tells Sukha that kinnars are sturdy to preserve up their promise and says they will burn him and his family’s pyre. Sukha leaves. Harman pacifies Soumya. everybody come to Saya’s house. Saya says that is Soham’s maternal residence so might be welcomed here. She does aarti.

Harak Singh recollects telling that he will no longer go to kinnars’ residence. Saya says he shall get all happiness of the residence. She asks Harak Singh to come back inner and think the residence as his. Preeto holds Harak Singh’s hand and takes him inner. Later in the night, Harak singh tells Preeto that he used to hate kinnars all life, however these days he has to take refuge in their house, and feeling light and have no repentance for something. Soumya appears at the stars within the sky. Harman comes there and asks if this is proper that human beings tells that useless person grow to be superstar and stay in the sky. She says Nani is probably searching at you and glad along with your decision to fight. Soumya tells about Nani’s phrases. Harman says no one can damage you as we’re with you.

Precap: Harman tells decide that his wife is a kinnar. Varun’s attorney comes and asks the judge to offer infant to Varun. decide says he will take a decision quickly seeing the sensitivity in the case. humans get irritated and throw stones on Harman, Soumya and their own family participants.


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