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The Episode starts with Nurse telling Soumya and Mr. Bansal not to worry as Rohan will get focus in someday. medical doctor asks Mr. Bansal to sign and take the bodies with him. Soumya sits by way of Rohan’s bedside and thinks of the satisfied times and Rohan telling that if he cross these days then will by no means return. She cries. Chameli says may be God did this incident to prevent Soumya’s marriage. Saya says we shall now not tell this and says we shall pass and meet her the following day. Chameli says Vedant will now not let us enter his home and that’s why Soumya gave this information on phone. Rohan profits cognizance and asks where is Mamma and Papa. Soumya asks him to relaxation for sometime. Vedant comes and tells Mr. Bansal that Rohan has to offer hearth to the pyre. Mr. Bansal hugs him and cries. Rohan asks wherein are they? I recall assembly with an coincidence. He says they is probably injured too and asks in which are they? Mr. Bansal says i can’t tell and cries. Rohan asks why you all are crying and asks Soumya to say atleast. Soumya says you realize that God stays in heaven and those used to head there. She says God keeps the coolest humans with him and says your mummy and papa are suitable so HE stored them. Rohan cries and hugs Soumya. He says this will’t occur. Vedant also cries.

Harman is restless in his room. Mahi asks what passed off? Harman says Soumya is in problem and is crying plenty and is in pain. Mahi says you like her so much and that’s why concerned. Harman says no and tells that he is helpless and may’t go else her appreciate can be ruined. He says Soumya’s Nani used to say and tells that they’re those who are tied by using the invisible door and if one feels pain then different feels it.

At Mr. Bansal’s house, Soumya is with Rohan and asks him to devour the food. She says the intense stars are your mother and father. Rohan asks if they’re my mummy and papa. Soumya says your mummy is looking you from there and asks him to devour else she will be able to experience awful. Rohan eats meals and sleeps hugging her. Mr. Bansal comes there and asks Soumya to eat some thing. Soumya folds her hand and apologizes to him, blaming herself for Rekha and Adesh’s death. Mr. Bansal says this residence was ruined whilst Vedant’s mom left this house and asks her to give like to Rohan as he has turn out to be orphaned.

Harman involves the terrace and talks to Nani’s big name and tells that if you would were alive you then might have made us understand. Mahi thinks can be Harman’s worry is proper and calls Soumya. She asks what occurred? Vedant is standing behind her. Soumya tells Mahi that a large coincidence occurred right here and tells about Rekha and Adesh’s loss of life and cries. Mahi asks her not to cry and cope with herself and all and sundry. She thinks she had seen their love now. She comes to Harman and says you was proper, Soumya didi changed into in ache. Harman asks did you talk to her, what did she say?

Vedant thinks of the whole lot, how Harman threatened him to apologize to Soumya, featuring Soumya, asking her to drink poison and preventing her from committing suicide and Rekha and Adesh’s demise. Mahi tells Harman that Rekha and her husband died today and asks him to talk to her. Harman recalls his promise and says he can’t call her. He asks her to go and thinks he can’t move and meet her knowing her ache.

Mr. bansal tells Decorators that the marriage can’t manifest now. Decorator says we are able to apprehend, God shall give you power to endure this pain. Vedant comes and says marriage will take place these days. Mr. Bansal asks what are pronouncing, Rekha and Adesh’s last rites turned into just done. Vedant says marriage could be easy and asks decorators to go. Mr. bansal asks him to look ahead to atleast three days. Vedant says Di and Jiju sacrificed their lives for this marriage and says marriage will occur nowadays itself. Mr. Bansal says you both are already married so why you are insisting to marry her again. Vedant says 2 months will be finished today and as according to the circumstance, she shall marry me nowadays. Mr. Bansal is stunned and asks conditional marriage. Vedant says our marriage become fake, she requested me 2 months which completes these days. Mr. Bansal says Soumya doesn’t love you and also you forcibly made her live right here. Vedant tells that some thing he needs, he gets and says Rekha and Adesh died because of her. Mr. bansal says Soumya isn’t always liable for their dying and says you could’t marry her forcibly. Vedant goes to room, receives gun and targets at Mr. Bansal. He says marriage will manifest nowadays inside the identical temple, in the front of same mata rani and if you stop me then i can shoot you.

Precap: Harman reaches there, but is crushed up by Vedant’s goons. Vedant takes rounds with Soumya forcibly.


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