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The Episode begins with Heer halting the mehendi creator and advises that she needs to apply mehendi to her hand. Rohan inquires as to whether she can’t surrender her affection. Heer says she can forfeit her affection and even her life for her, if Gulabo comes infront of her and asks her not to wed Virat. Rohan says she should be vulnerable not to encounter us. Heer asks what is her vulnerability, when she has come here, for what reason didn’t she converse with me. She calls Soumya’s name and requests that her determine what is her powerlessness in letter. Saya comes there and says I will disclose to you Soumya’s vulnerability, yet you need to guarantee me that in the event that you think her weakness huge, at that point you will not get hitched. Preeto asks her not to meddle in their home issues. Saya says this isn’t your home issue else I wouldn’t have meddled. She says Soumya used to see me as her mom. She says she will come clean to Heer. Harak Singh says we will deal with our issues, why you are meddling. He says you don’t have the foggiest idea about the full truth. Heer requests that he let her talk reality, whatever she knows. Saya says she is prepared to advise everything and says you need to guarantee me, on the off chance that you think her vulnerability honest and right, at that point you will reject for this marriage. She asks will you guarantee? Soumya is stowing away and tuning in. Heer races to the inhouse sanctuary and keeps hand on the diya. Preeto yells, stressing for her. Heer says I will consume my hand and asks Saya to state? Harak Singh acts to endure coronary failure and keeps hand on his chest. Preeto races to Heer and makes her move her hand from the diya/light. She says I attempted to spare you from this world and went through the entirety of my time on earth and you needed. Heer tells Harak Singh that he fouled up to act and says I reserve the option to know reality. Saya says Soumya didn’t go out with her desire. Heer asks I’m not catching your meaning? Saya says you was a kid and couldn’t get anything, yet now you are grown up and can think well. She requests that her review and says unexpectedly Soumya’s activity letter came and she needed to go out around the same time itself. She requests that her ask Preeto and Harak Singh. A fb is appeared.

Saya says Preeto took guarantee from Soumya and requested that her go out on the off chance that she needs your improvement. Preeto gets strained. Saya says Preeto asked her not to return until you turn 21 years. She says in the event that Soumya isn’t coming infront of you, at that point Harak Singh and Preeto are liable for this. Heer asks Harak Singh and Preeto if Saya is stating right. Harak Singh says conditions are to be accused. Heer asks what is the conditions, which drove Harman Singh left first and afterward Gulabo. She says Gulabo didn’t consider me and left me in one go. She says what to do, will I despise all of you? Preeto is stunned. Heer requests that they tell and clarify what was the issue. Preeto says whatever Mallika is stating is valid. She says whatever she had said is correct. A fb is appeared, Harak Singh asking Preeto to leave, Preeto asking Soumya to leave as she has lost the wager. Preeto says she needed to raise her (Heer) how she would have preferred and that is the reason made Soumya leave and took guarantee from her. Heer inquires as to whether I am a thing? Preeto requests that her think anything she desires? Saya asks did you hear what is Soumya’s powerlessness. She says on the off chance that you have sentiments and regard for Soumya, at that point choose if she needs to wed or not. Heer says she won’t get hitched. The woman/Soumya stows away and takes a gander at Heer.

Heer comes up short on the house. She goes to Virat’s home and calls his name. Virat gets amazed and says you have come. He asks what is wrong, you caused me to go yesterday and today you came to meet me, you can’t survive without me, you would have sat tight for me for some additional time. He requests that her hotshot her mehendi plan and holds her hand. He discovers her hands without mehendi structure and inquires as to whether all is well. Heer says she needs to converse with him. Virat requests that her state. Heer says will we go out and talk. Virat requests that her come to room. Parmeet asks what is the issue which can’t be spoken infront of all. She solicits her to tell infront from everybody. Virat requests that her state. Heer says I came to state that… … .this marriage can’t occur now. Everybody gets stunned. Virat is in stun and takes a gander at her. Heer folds her hand and apologizes to everybody present there. Virat asks what is the issue, let me know? Heer runs out. Virat runs behind her and holds her hand. Heer takes a gander at him. He asks what is all that, why you would prefer not to wed me abruptly? Heer says I had disclosed to you that I can do anything for my Gulabo, says she don’t need this union with occur. Virat says your Gulabo isn’t here and requests that he tell all the issue. Heer says I am grieved, Virat. Parmeet wipes mehendi from her hand and offers cash to the mehendi planner. She says it appears marriage won’t occur, she has cleaved our nose before marriage, don’t have the foggiest idea what she would have done after marriage. Daljeet says it is acceptable that marriage is canceled. Virat asks Heer to determine what is the explanation? Heer says Gulabo had gotten back home. Virat says I love you Heer, I won’t let you go anyplace. Heer cries and embraces him.

Precap: Preeto educates Virat that Heer is a kinnnar. Virat gets stunned and furious.


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