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Soumya discloses to Harman that they will go separate ways and look for the spot. Varun captures Soumya and takes her in the van. He takes her to emergency clinic where Shanno is sitting tight for her. She asks Shanno for what good reason she is doing this? Shanno says I am destitute as a result of you and says I am avoiding my children as a result of you, and says I will give you kids and get you wedded moreover. She takes her to bed. Varun leaves from here asking Shanno to deal with her.

Harman and Rajat come to realize that there is no sanctum or tea slow down close-by from other person. Varun and Shanno achieve Chaddha’s home with Sukha. Chaddha requests that they make Soumya’s condition exacerbated till the case closes. Sukha says he will murder all Harak Singh’s family. Shanno says yet nothing will happen to Veeran. Varun says you are my solitary genuine relative who is supporting me. Harman calls Soumya and discovers her mangalsutra on ground. Rajat says that person misled us about sanctum and tea slow down. He says Soumya is seized. Shanno faults Soumya for carrying on with an ordinary life and censures her for destroying her life. She requests that Doctor give her electric stun. She attaches Soumya to medical clinic bed. Specialist gives her electric stun. Soumya yells.

Sukha reveals to Sarpanch that the court case will finish by 1:30 pm and now you need to think what you have to do with Harak Singh’s family. Sarpanch says in the event that Harak Singh need to remain here, at that point he needs to pursue our standards else need to leave this pind. Rajat and Harman come there. Harman asks where is Soumya? Harak Singh comes and holds Sukha’s neckline. Rajat asks Chaddha where is Sneha? Chaddha says which Sneha? Rajat says you had taken cash from her dad and battled the case. Chaddha says alright, and tells that he didn’t have an inkling. He requests that he proceed to look through her. Varun says we can document criticism body of evidence against you. Sukha asks Harak Singh to look through his kinnar bahu outside. Rajat asks Harman to come, and says I realize how to seek them. Harman says on the off chance that anything happens to Soumya, at that point I will do your equity outside the court. Soumya is as yet getting electric stuns and thinks back Harman after the stun. Harman misses Soumya and thinks back her. Judaai melody plays..Their minutes is appeared. Chadariya..plays…

Soumya is half-conscious and misses him. Harman says Soumya is bearing so much and says she was great in kinnars’ reality, atleast she wouldn’t have felt torment. Preeto says others torment inconveniences self and tells that they are seeing him in agony, and says this is your life. We are glad for your predetermination and asks him not to be dismal. She asks Mata Rani to ensure Soumya and convey her to court. Specialist asks Shanno to wake her up. Shanno slaps her and requests that her wake up. Soumya says disregard me. Specialist says lets attempt again and gives her electric stun once more. They give him stun throughout the night. In the first part of the day, Soumya goes about as a tyke and says she needs to go out and play in downpour. She says she is eager and says Maa will bring sustenance for me. Shanno gets upbeat and grins. Specialist says she moved toward becoming what we need her to turn into. They think she has turned out to be frantic.

Manasvi achieves court and go live, telling that they will perceive what will be the situation decision. Rajat is achieving court, when the goons come infront of him and demonstrate Sneha’s video. In the video, Chaddha undermines Rajat to return without taking his name, and tells that Sneha is in his imprisonment. The goons take Rajat to Chaddha’s home. Chaddha invites Rajat to his home. He says you are ex of my present spouse. Rajat is stunned. Chaddha says you may have thought why your better half returned following 15 years, and why she asked you not to battle the case. He says I am behind everything and says your Advocate Chaddha, and Sneha’s better half. Rajat takes a gander at Sneha. Chaddha requests that they sit and talk, and asks Sneha to reveal to him whole story. He says I need to go, else I will get late for court hearing. He says you both will be prepared as I am going to give party subsequent to winning this case. Rajat draws close to Sneha. Specialist educates Chaddha that Soumya has turned out to be distraught and Shanno prosecuted her. Chaddha thinks Rajat couldn’t achieve court and Soumya will reach there in frantic condition, and afterward both Soumya and this case will end. He taps himself valuing himself and says you have won this case. He sits in his vehicle. Soumya sks Shanno who is she? Shanno says you are lying. Soumya says in the event that I had known, at that point for what reason will I inquire? Shanno says I am taking you to get your infant. Soumya says I need my football and requests that her tell where is the shop. Shanno grins and thinks this is the thing that we needed.

Harman gets up in court and tells that his better half, one day before the case hearing. Chaddha says this is a farthest point. First his legal counselor was missing and now his better half. They ridiculed court and requests the evidence. Harman reviews Rajat advising that they will convey soumya to court.

Precap Upcoming Vish Ya Amrit Sitara Episode Update: Harman indicts Soumya. Soumya approaches if everybody came here for my birthday. Harman asks what was the deal? Soumya inquires as to whether he stolen her football. Chaddha praises himself supposing he won the case.


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