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The Episode starts with Vedant telling that he’s going to marry Soumya in any circumstances. Rohan comes there and says Mami. Soumya asks Mr. Bansal to take him internal. Mr. Bansal says if I had regarded that you are gambling such grimy game with Harman and Soumya then i might by no means have supported you. He says Soumya by no means loved you, she is of Harman even now. Vedant says I don’t need your lecture. Rohan asks him to depart his mami’s hand. Vedant says don’t worry, i can make your faux Mami as real. Mr. Bansal says you are doing wrong with Harman and Soumya, they are supposed for each other. Vedant shouts and pursuits gun at him. Mr. Bansal and Rohan are greatly surprised. Preeto is doing puja for Harman’s child. Vedant asks Mr. Bansal no longer to tug Rekha and Adesh on this count and says this time Harman and Soumya will now not unite, if she isn’t mine then she will by no means become of every person else. Soumya asks him to leave his hand. Vedant asks his goon to lock the door. Mr. bansal asks him no longer to do that and says this is wrong. Vedant makes Soumya sit down in the car forcibly and leaves in his vehicle. Harman is doing aarti and says Soumya used to mention that you are always along with her on every occasion she known as you and asks her to show that she is with them.

Saya, Chameli and others come there and locate lock at Mr. Bansal’s house. Saya says door is locked, it seems nobody is right here. Chameli says now there’s nothing in our arms, lets pass. they’re about to depart, once they pay attention Mr. Bansal shouting for Ramu Kaka and asking him to open the door. Saya asks if there’s everyone here. Mr. Bansal says i am inner. Saya asks someone to look the stone. Shakti track performs…..She gets the tune and breaks the lock. Shakti song continues to play. Saya opens the door. Mr. Bansal sees her. She asks who locked you internal. Rohan says Mama took her to marry forcibly. Mr. Bansal tells that Vedant took her to marry forcibly and asks them to prevent the marriage. He says their marriage was fake. Saya asks don’t need you to make this marriage happen. Mr. Bansal tells that Soumya doesn’t want it.

Saya tells that they’re bounded with the aid of Soumya’s promise and asks him to call Harman and inform him. She calls Harman and gives call to Mr. Bansal. Mr. Bansal tells Harman that he is on name and tells that Vedant and Soumya’s marriage is faux and tells that he took her forcibly to marry her. Harman is greatly surprised. Saya talks to Harman and says they are going to Soumya. Harman informs his circle of relatives that Soumya and Vedant’s marriage changed into fake and now he is forcibly marrying her. Harak Singh says she is inauspicious and Rekha and Adesh were given killed because of her. Harman says she saved my life, stopped my ingesting habit and many others and says she is auspicious and protection for me. Mahi and others looks on. Saya searches for Soumya inside the temple. Preeto tells Harak Singh that Soumya is his happiness then their happiness is in her. She says that is God’s wish and says Mahi doesn’t have any objection and asks her. She says you had said that they’re meant to be collectively. Harak Singh thinks she is inauspicious. Shanno says what is going to manifest with Mahi. Preeto says Harman went to keep Soumya from Vedant, who’s a terrible guy. Harak Singh is involved about Mahi.

Vedant brings Soumya to the temple and asks Pandit ji if the wedding arrangements are completed. Pandit ji says yes. Vedant asks his goons to ensure nobody involves the temple and if all people comes there, then he’ll now not spare them. Harman thinks to slap Soumya for hiding one of these huge fact. He thinks of Raavi and Sindhu’s words that Soumya gave him Mahi in present and sacrificed her life for him. He recollects Preeto frightening him to marry. He says you probably did a massive sacrifice to take me out of jail. Soumya tells Vedant that she can’t take delivery of all and sundry as her husband besides Harman ji. Vedant says you have to receive this time.

Mahi tells Preeto and Harak Singh that she has no objection with Soumya and Harman’s union and tells that Soumya remains Harman’s spouse and that they have been by no means separated. Harak Singh asks why she desires to give sacrifice. Soumya prays to Mata Rani and asks her to forestall this marriage else take her lifestyles. Mahi says I used to see Soumya as sautan with out understanding her, and tells that after she involves realize then she understood that Harman has no identity with out Soumya. Harak Singh asks what is your identity and says don’t know what did he say? Raavi says we will cross and convey them back. Preeto tells Harak Singh that they are able to’t depart Harman on my own and shall assist him these days.

Vedant asks Soumya to sit quietly. Soumya asks him not to pressure her. Saya, Chameli and others are walking on the street to come there. Harman is at the way and stops his automobile due to a few human beings combating on avenue and blockading the road. He calls Saya and asks if she got here to recognize something. He gets out of car.

Precap: Goons beat up Harman and lighting fire round him. Vedant is forcibly taking rounds with Soumya.


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