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Harak Singh coming for Harman’s rescue. Inspector says this isn’t proper to stay outside someone’s house. Harak Singh shouts and indicates the papers, pronouncing this land is of me and says I’m silent because of your uniform else would haven’t. He tells that Harman is his only inheritor and can do whatever on his land. He asks the inspector to depart. Inspector leaves. Sukha’s plans fail to get him arrested. Harak Singh tells Harman that he is with him and tells him that this land is him and asks him to do as he desires. He asks him to sit there. He is going with the lawyer. Harman says now i’m able to see who asks me to move, now i will see this land is of my father. Varun gets an attorney’s name and he tells that he located a person who will take the infant accepting all his situations. He asks him to get baby out from there anyway. Varun says ok. Harak Singh meets his legal profession. legal professional says a document is complete and asks him to sign. Harak Singh signs and symptoms. lawyer says we shall visit court the following day and you will be the custody of toddler the following day. Varun tells Sukha that they’ve to take the baby out by hook or by crook. Sweety says how? Sukha says whilst Harman is going from here, we will take the child out from here in front of Soumya, after which we will see how Harak Singh and his family shop him. Harman asks Soumya to head domestic and has food.

Soumya refuses. He says you’ll get weak. Soumya says i can no longer move from right here till i get Soham. Harman says i can go home and could convey meals and clothes. Soumya says adequate. Sukha and Varun see Harman leaving. Sukha asks Gurmeet to hear what to do. He tells Varun to do what to do. Varun smirks. Harman comes domestic. Preeto packs tiffin and asks him to go and feature food with Soumya. Harman says ok and says i’m able to go away. Harak Singh asks him to have meals and go. Harman says Soumya is on my own there. Preeto asks shall I come? Harman says no. Soumya is seated outside alone and waits for Harman. She thinks why he didn’t come if the whole thing is nice. Gurmeet calls Sukha and informs him that Harman is coming there. Sukha asks him to do as he said and maintain the phone on. He calls tiger to Harman and says you are lifting things like a donkey. Harman says I don’t want to reply a canine. Gurmeet provokes him and says i will make your mom and dad wash my house utensils. Harman asks him to ask Sukha that he become an employee in his father’s manufacturing unit. Gurmeet talks badly about Soumya.

Sukha calls Police and asks him to arrest Harman. Gurmeet slaps Harman. Harman holds his neck. Inspector comes and arrests Harman. Gurmeet smirks. Soumya sees guys coming within the automobile and taking a field. Varun asks them to preserve the delicate stuff interior cautiously. Soumya asks Varun what is in the box. Varun asks them to do the work. They go away inside the automobile. Soumya runs at the back of the automobile. Harman tells the inspector that he didn’t do whatever and tells that Gurmeet becomes speak me bad approximately his wife. Soumya continues to run behind the auto. Kinnars come to assist her. Soumya comes in front of the car and takes the field, but the man refuses to permit her to open it. infant’s sound comes from it. the person throws the field. Soumya gets shocked and opens the container. She finds the toy inside. Saya tells that toddler is not here and says they have got fooled us. They rush returned. Varun leaves with Soham inside the automobile. Sunaina locks the door. Sukha says we can visit Police station now.

Veeran comes and tells about Harman’s arrest. Harak Singh tells that it’s miles Sukha’s trick and asks her to call Soumya. Soumya comes to Sukha’s residence and finds the lock. She calls Harman, however, his smartphone is with Police.. Does Harman ask Inspector whose name it’s far? Inspector says it’s miles of Gulabo. Harman asks him to make him talk to her as soon as. Inspector says you aren’t Damad right here. Gurmeet laughs. Preeto calls Soumya and asks wherein is she? Soumya says they took Soham someplace and Harman isn’t choosing the decision. She runs. Sukha and his own family come to Police station and tells that Soumya eloped with the toddler and Varun went behind her. Harman says it’s miles a lie. Sukha involves him and says in a low tone, that Varun took the toddler and Soumya went following him and you are here. He asks what you may do. Harman holds Sukha’s neck and says if Soumya or Soham get even a scratch then he will quit his own family. he is taking Inspector’s gun and aims at him. Gurmeet asks Harman to depart his father. Harman goals gun at Sukha.

Precap:- Inspector shoots Harman two times. Soumya is greatly surprised.

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