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The Episode starts with Bansal coming to Vedant ‘s room. He tells her that he may be very happy as his son can’t get a great lifepartner to his son than her. He prays for his or her happiness. He congrats Vedant and says I desired to look your marriage. Vedant asks him to give someday and says then you could have fun later. Bansal says I desired to have fun it daily. He asks them to begin their lifestyles. Vedant tells Soumya that Soumya is a superb call and Harman Singh made you Tarana, but i can make you Soumya again. Soumya thinks he made me Gulabo, don’t recognise what’s future in store. Harman imagines Soumya as bride laughing at him calling his name.

Bansal receives the room adorned. Soumya ruins the flowers at the mattress. Vedant says Dad doesn’t recognize that we are not married. Soumya says she doesn’t like it. Vedant says you need to sleep in this room best. Harman asks Preeto to name Pandit ji to do Soumya’s shradh. He is going to his room. Harak Singh is bowled over. Shanno smiles and tells Preeto that this is a great information. Preeto is happy and asks her to name Pandit.

Kinnars communicate and say why did Soumya remarry Vedant? Chameli says there is truely something. Saya thinks if she had drank all of the poison for anyone’s happiness and thinks there is simply some thing which they could’t see.

Vedant seems at Soumya’s mangalsutra and thinks I gained’t permit Harman’s reminiscence be with Soumya. He is set to throw it. Soumya comes and holds his hand. He says you had stated that you’ll overlook him. Soumya says this mangalsutra will no longer be inside the residence anymore and asks for it. Harman and Soumya consider each different. Vedant and bansal sell the show bahu begum. Harman calls Pandit ji and says I need you to do special puja. He asks him to do shradh puja with all of the rituals. Harak Singh asks what is all this? Harman says i will convey shradh samagri. Pandit ji says absolutely everyone is alive and asks whose shradh he shall do? Shanno says Soumya. Pandit ji says he can’t do. Preeto asks why can’t you do. Harak Singh argues with Preeto about their decision. Pandit says may be Harman wants to quit ties with her. Harman says you apprehend proper. Shanno says i’m able to make Soumya’s mannequin. Harman says i can make it. Pandit ji says he can’t do alive person’s shradh. Harman says i’m able to make do shradh of my love and relation and asks if he’s going to do.

Soumya involves temple and says humans used to mention that Harman and Soumya can’t be separated. She says this time you don’t do any miracle and says I haven’t come here to bitch, however to unfastened Harman ji of our relation. Harman says i will make her doll and takes out orange saree. He says i’m able to make the doll remaining rites so that i will get free of the relation. He throws the tshirt and says this tshirt changed into given via her, and he or she had said that I look top in it, says liar. he’s taking out goggles and so forth and thinks to burn them all. He brings it out and tells Pandit ji that she had given all this component within the call of love and says he’ll make the doll out from them. Preeto is satisfied. Harak Singh stands disappointed. Harman asks Pandit ji to do the shradh. Pandit ji starts reciting the mantras. Soumya is still within the temple and shows her mangalsutra. She says I want to maintain it for your toes, so that you recognise why gave you such existence, while she gave her husband and family then why did she snatch it. Harman thinks nowadays he is ending his 7 births guarantees and thinks it’s miles all waste like Gulabo. Pandit ji asks Harman to position the teddy/Soumya’s doll inside the fire. Harman puts the doll within the havan fireplace. Soumya’s pallu catches fire.

Pandit ji asks Harman to stand there until the teddy receives burnt. everybody is standing and feature mixed reactions. Soumya is strolling out with hearth on her Pallu. The women alert her and says someone shall prompt the fire. They take out her saree which she is sporting. The diya units off within the havan. Pandit ji says it’s far very inauspicious. Preeto says i’m able to mild the diya once more, it isn’t always a massive be counted. She lighting fixtures it and asks him to retain the puja. Soumya seems at her burning saree.

The girls make Soumya alternate her saree and say you are saved now. Harman thinks of Soumya and his moments. Soumya appears on the saree and selections the burnt saree. Pandit ji asks Harman to choose the ashes and preserve it within the ashes pot. He asks him to position the kalash in the water. Harman selections the ashes and maintains in the pot. Soumya also takes the ashes in her hand. She walks out of the temple and puts the ashes in the water. Harman also continues the ashes in the water and doesn’t see Soumya doing the identical. Jag begana hai….music plays. Her burnt saree flies from her hand and falls on Harman. They see each different.

Precap: Harman asks Preeto to look woman for him and says i will get married. They see a woman dancing within the birthday party.


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