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The Episode begins with Harman going to Chaddha’s home where Rajat is with Sneha and are hostage by the goons. Chaddha discloses to Judge that they are squandering court’s time. Harman and Rajat beat the goon. Harman asks Rajat to accompany him. Varun discloses to Judge that it isn’t right. Sukha additionally says a similar that court will not pause. Chaddha says court don’t hang tight for anybody and reveals to Judge that he is violating lawfulness. Judge requests that he be cautious and tells that I am senior than you in age and position. Harman, Rajat and Sneha leave from that point. Chaddha tells that the court is bearing attorneys like him who acted to get heart assault to delay the meeting. He says court will be open until Rajat comes here. Rajat comes there and expresses gratitude toward Judge. He says today I will demonstrate that Varun, Sukha and others are liable.

He says I will likewise demonstrate that Soumya has the option to bring up the youngster. Chaddha says you can’t tell that my customers are blameworthy. Rajat says alright, however I can call you liable. He calls Sneha to the observer box. Chaddha gets stunned and requests that her return home. Rajat says she is my observer. Sneha says she is Rajat’s darling whose case was preliminary in the court and was isolated. She advises that she was offered to chaddha at that point. She advises that Chaddha sent her to Rajat with the goal that he don’t battle the case and afterward got Rajat abducted. She tells that she needs separate from Chaddha, as he tormented her a ton and carried on cruelly with her. Rajat expresses gratitude toward Sneha and requests that her sit.

Rajat expresses gratitude toward Harman on account of which he could come and battle the case. He demonstrates Surbhi’s letter in which she has composed that she needs Soumya to do her child’s childhood. He says Surbhi isn’t alive to see her child, as she was slaughtered by Varun. Chaddha says Varun didn’t do anything. Rajat says he will demonstrate and calls Varun to the observer box. He asks Varun where was he, when Surbhi tumbled down from the sanctuary stairs. Varun says I don’t have the foggiest idea where was I? Rajat says your telephone area was of the sanctuary region. Varun says his telephone was lost. Rajat says then how could you come to think about Surbhi’s passing. Varun says someone called. Rajat asks how? You had said that your telephone was stolen. Varun is caught by his own words and tells that he got information before his telephone was lost. Rajat says Varun is lying and tells that after his mom’s demise, Harak Singh and his family dealt with him and brought him up. He taught him and so forth. Varun says yes. Rajat says you got hitched to Surbhi with the goal that you can remain nearby to Harak Singh family as you needed to deliver retribution from them. Varun gets irate and says yes. Rajat asks him to tell for what valid reason did he execute Surbhi when he cherished her. Varun says I never adored her and tells that she never picked up his trust and tells that she was engaging in extramarital relations with Sumit, and I had an uncertainty that the infant is of him. Rajat says it is demonstrated that the infant is yours. Varun says indeed, yet I have nothing to do with them. He says when Surbhi was pushed and tumbled down from the stairs, he turned out poorly help her, as he needed to see Harak Singh and his family in agony.

Rajat tells that Varun isn’t the only one in this and tells that Sukha was utilizing him for rendering retribution on Harak Singh’s family. Rajat tells that Soumya bear the contempt of everybody and tells that she was a decent little girl, sister, bahu and so on. He says she satisfied every one of the relations consummately and advises that whoever will not acknowledge Soumya’s personality, I need to reveal to you that Supreme court have conceded OBC classification to kinnars. He says on the off chance that you attempted to know Soumya firmly, at that point you would have said that there will be one sexual orientation, ie, human. Rajat tells that Harak Singh and his family have acknowledged Soumya seeing her integrity and tells that Harman adores her without question, Preeto thinks about her as her little girl and harak Singh acknowledged her with her personality. He requests that Judge choose the court decision seeing Harman and Soumya’s adoration. He says I implore you that you won’t let their affection come up short. He tells that the infant Soham will change the general public in the wake of growing up. Judge tells that out of the blue, I have seen the case with mankind sight, and advises that he needs to tell something. He tells that court choice is that child will be given to Harman Singh and Soumya Singh. Soumya and Harman get cheerful. She embraces him. Varun, Sukha and Chaddha are stunned. Harak Singh and his family are cheerful.

Harman reveals to Soumya that she has won. Soumya says we have won, our everything relatives and everybody helping us have won. Judge says this court, Varun, Sukhwinder and others forbid them from gathering Soham for a long time, and says following 18 years child will choose with whom he needs to live. He tells that the court acknowledges that kinnars will get a similar regard which a man or lady gets in the general public. He advises that the court is pleased to give the decision ensuring Soumya’s nurturing affection, and tells that this decision will be known as Soumya’s choice from now onwards. Soumya is particularly elated. Shakti melody plays… …

Precap Upcoming Shakti Episode Update: Raavi asks Preeto to welcome everybody she needs for the amazing party. Soumya prepares for the gathering. Harman likewise prepares. Tu hello there mera khuda plays… ..


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