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The Episode begins with Harman strolling headed for come to sanctuary. Saya, Chameli, Mr. Bansal and Rohan are en route. Chameli arrives at the sanctuary first and sees the goons remaining outside. She stows away and calls Harman. She gives him data about the sanctuary and requests that he come there, as Vedant brought Soumya here. Harman runs. Chameli then calls Saya and illuminates her to come to Pahadi sanctuary as Vedant brought Soumya here. Saya is stunned and says we will come there. Soumya argues infront of Vedant to release her and yells Harman ji. Vedant says no one will come and requests that her sit unobtrusively. Harman keeps on running. Soumya keeps on yelling Harman’s name. Pandit ji approaches them to represent rounds. Harman arrives at the sanctuary. Goons beat him with hockey stick. Vedant makes Soumya wear laurel persuasively. Harman tumbles down out and about. Vedant asks Soumya not to act and requests that her make him wear laurel quietly. He wears the wreath and asks Pandit ji to accelerate and peruses the rounds mantras. The goons put fire around Harman. Chameli is stunned. Harman is likewise stunned. Soumya yells Harman ji. Harman yells calling Vedant and says I won’t let you alive. Soumya gets upbeat and calls him. Vedant gets stunned and holds Soumya’s hand to take the rounds quick. Melody plays… .Harman looks on.

Soumya yells Harman ji. Pandit ji says rounds are finished and requests that he make her wear sindoor and mangalsutra. Harman takes the hockey stick and beats the goons. Vedant says he don’t have time and asks Pandit ji to give mangalsutra quick. He takes the mangalsutra in his grasp and is going to make Soumya wear it, however Harman comes there and beats Vedant. He says Soumya will have sindoor and mangalsutra of Harman Singh’s name just, in this birth and in every one of the births. He makes her wear mangalsutra and fills sindoor in her maang. Soumya grins and cries. Harman says Soumya is of Harman and will consistently be, it’s not possible for anyone to isolate us. Vedant gets up and begins battling with Harman. Soumya gets stressed for Harman. Harman and Vedant leaves sanctuary. Harman says you played a major event with me and isolated my Gulabo from me, you won’t be spared today. The two of them have a battle. Goon hits Chameli and she blacks out. Soumya comes racing to Harman and asks him not to beat Vedant. Harman says you don’t think about our affection and says Soumya Harman Singh was of Harman, is of Harman and will consistently be of Harman. Tu hey mera khuda plays… .He thumps Vedant and is going to toss a stone on him, however Soumya stops him and asks him not to complete a wrongdoing. She says he will be rebuffed for his wrongdoings and requests that he come. She causes him to sit and wipes his face with her pallu. He kisses her hand. Soumya cries. Harman says gives up home, I am fine. Soumya says I will bring water for you. Harman says I simply need my Soumya.

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