Shakti 17th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Preeto and his family come to go to a capacity. The host requests that they appreciate and have chicken tikka dish. They grin. Preeto gets some information about Harman. Harak Singh says he may sit some place and drinking wine. Harman is drinking there. Preeto inquires as to whether she is prepared. Palak says yes. Preeto says my child resembles a hot iron now and I will shape him now. She asks where is she? A young lady is presented and moves on the melody lallala hogi… unimportant dil ka hua aisa haal.Harman takes a gander at her while drinking wine. Palak signs Preeto to take a gander at the young lady. Preeto grins taking a gander at her. Everybody applauds.

Harman envisions Soumya on the phase with him seeing the couple getting ready for marriage. He makes her wear ring and says I adore you Gulabo. Tu hello there mera khuda plays… .She doesn’t make him wear ring and says I don’t need you to wear this ring and calls Vedant. She gives her hand to him and makes him wear ring. Harman is irate and disturbed. She says I will wed Vedant. Harman says you can’t do this, you are bewafa. I will take you out from my heart and will do last ceremonies of my affection. His creative mind closes. He solicits the husband to be to do shradh from affection, he says marriage and love is stupidity. He says you will love her and wed her, however she will leave you for another person. Preeto asks Palak to take Harman and says this is the correct shot. Palak takes Harman coercively to side and says you don’t have any acquaintance with me, however know you. Harman says Lokesh’s better half will leave you.

Palak says Lokesh is wedding a lady and requests that he wed a young lady and after that life will be sweet. Preeto comes there and says Palak is correct, when Soumya can wed being a kinnar then for what reason wouldn’t you be able to. Harman reviews Soumya alluding to Vedant as her significant other and approaches Preeto to look young lady for him, says he will wed too. Harak Singh and Preeto get upbeat. Preeto says she has seen the young lady and says she is Palak’s sister Mahi. Palak goes to bring her. Preeto says we had acknowledged Soumya, however your harmony won’t predetermined. She says she remarried in spite of the fact that she is a kinnar. Palak brings Mahi. Preeto asks Harman to take a gander at her. Harman says I won’t take a gander at her as I had all consuming, instant adoration with Soumya. He says I will wed, however would prefer not to take a gander at anybody.

Preeto offers shagun to Mahi and reveals to her that Harman will simply take a gander at her after marriage and says I will support you. Mahi grins. Preeto says gives up to see the commitment. Harman believes Lokesh’s marriage will fill in as he is wedding a young lady.

Soumya converses with Soham and says when you grow up, I will let you know everything. She says you are my help, sorry for isolating you from your father. She says when you grow up, I will make you meet him as he will love you generally. She says a spouse can be bewafa, however not his kids and for children, not their folks. She embraces Soham.

Preeto says they need the marriage to occur at the most punctual and not following a half year. Pandit ji says mahurat is following 4 days. Harak Singh and Preeto state that they will do the game plans. Harman says he will wed and have all the rasam if Soumya and Vedant go to his marriage capacities. He says this is my condition. Preeto and harak Singh are stunned.

Precap: Sindhu and Raavi come to Soumya and tell that Harman’s marriage is fixed. Preeto reveals to Mahi this is the kinnar who Harman adored a great deal. Vedant requests that her arrival mangalsutra to Mahi.


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