Shakti 18th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Preeto goes to Bansal’s home and offers credit to Vedant for isolating Harman and Soumya in 3 months which they couldn’t do in three years. Vedant solicits her to give a bit from credit to herself. Preeto says without a doubt and gives him desserts. Sindhu and Raavi come to meet Soumya. Sindhu advises her that Harman’s marriage is fixed. Soumya gets irritated and thinks back their minutes. Kabhi alvida na kehna plays… .She at that point says this is the great thing and asks who is the young lady and inquires as to whether Harman is glad. Sindhu and Raavi are stunned.

Raavi asks are you in your faculties and says Harman’s marriage is fixed whom you adored and who cherishes you frantically. She asks do you realize what you are stating. Soumya says Vedant is my better half at this point. Sindhu says stop it and requests that her advise truth to them atleast. Soumya reviews her arrangement with Vedant and tells that she is content with him. Sindhu says in the event that you are so cheerful, at that point go to Harman’s marriage. Soumya says I have to ask Vedant so can’t let you know whether I can come or not. Raavi looks on stunned. Sindhu yells and informs Soumya regarding Mahi and says she is bosses and remains in lal chowk. Soumya supposes it is great.

Vedant asks Preeto not to stress and says Soumya will consent to go to the marriage. He requests that her come and says we will do as we arranged. He says I will sit tight for you to come. Preeto goes. Vedant says it is great and supposes we will get together. Palak converses with Mahi about Harman. Mahi is distrustful about Harman and reviews his words. Palak says what are you thing and says Harman will make your life and even his life. Raavi, Sindhu alongside kinnars think something isn’t right and Soumya’s marriage is phony, they will join Harman and Soumya.

Soumya thinks name is great Mahi. She says Harman and Mahi..are great. Preeto says Harman and Gulabo. She acquaints her with Mahi and says she needed her to meet her. She says Mahi has the challenge with a kinnar whom Harman cherished massively. Soumya takes out kajal from under her eye and applies under Mahi’s ears. She favors Mahi from her base of her heart and says I was a piece of his life, however can never turn into his lifepartner as just a lady can satisfy spouse’s obligations. She guarantees that she has liberated Harman and favors her with all the best. Preeto says that is the reason I brought you here and welcomes Soumya and Vedant for marriage. Vedant says we will without a doubt come. He says Soumya is my better half and we are upbeat in our marriage. Soumya says yes. He demonstrates her mangalsutra which she had kept in the sanctuary. Soumya kept it in the sanctuary. Vedant says Harman made Soumya wear this mangalsutra and requests that her offer it to Mahi with the goal that she gets guaranteed that Harman is only hers.

Soumya takes mangalsutra from Vedant. Preeto says its alright in the event that you would prefer not to give and requests that her go to marriage with her new spouse. Soumya reviews Harman and her marriage. She calls Mahi and keeps mangalsutra in her grasp. She says it is yours from today and Harman ji is only yours.

Preeto expresses gratitude toward Soumya for restoring her child. They leave. Vedant says it is great that you held it under mata Rani’s feet and says when I saw mahi here, I thought it is Mata Rani’s sign and offered mangalsutra to her. He asks will you go to his marriage tomorrow. Soumya says yes and thinks to endure the agony..

Precap: Saya comes to know from Pandit ji that Soumya and Vedant’s marriage is phony. She races to educate Harman, yet Vedant stops her.


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