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The Episode starts with Rajat Singh getting indignant on the goons and calls city sanatorium for retaining the 6 beds ready for the injured goons. He then beats the goons. Sehgal watches Rajat Singh beating them. The goons rise up and run. Sehgal thanks him. Rajat Singh asks him to go away law practice for peaceful lifestyles. Harak Singh and Harman come to Police station and tell that they need protection at Kinnar’s house. Inspector says i can send and asks them to go. Harman asks him to send it right now. Sehgal comes there and asks him to relax. A lean Police constable comes to Kinnar’s house. Harman asks who will shield you. Preeto jokes that he may fly because of wind and asks him to return inner. Sukha calls Harman and tells that the residence could be burnt. They lock the door and burn the residence on fireplace. They

all run out. Soumya asks Preeto to take Soham and run. Sukha comes infront of him and says i will make you people run anywhere you move. He says you are simply handful of humans and we are all society. He says there is written on each wall that Harak Singh’s bahu is a kinnar and all boys is aware of that Harman’s wife is a kinnar. Varun asks why are we wasting their time and our time, they need time to escape. Harman asks Soumya to come back. Soumya says nobody will go anywhere, and says we can go to our house now.
Harman asks Sukha if he remembers that kinnar are strict of their promise. Preeto says courtroom hearing is after 3 days and says we are able to not get scared. Harman says they recognise our address. Soumya says lets go to our residence. all of them go to Harak Singh’s house. Saya and others protest that they’re kinnar. Shanno asks Veeran, in which is he going to die? Veeran asks her to include him and says if we should die, then we are able to die with them. Sarpanch and others come infront of them and says we will no longer allow you to move. Reporter comes with Police Inspector and asks who will prevent them. She asks Inspector about his assure in their protection. She asks Inspector to make the kinnars and Harak Singh’s circle of relatives attain their residence safely else he is aware of the media strength.

Inspector asks Constable to provide them safety. Harak Singh and his circle of relatives go back to their house. Soumya thanks the reporter and says we wouldn’t have reached our domestic if you had now not helped us. Reporter says i’m doing my duty and says talks about their rights. She tells that she will leave, however will take their updates. Saya and others are about to go away, but Harak Singh stops them and asks them to depart in his house. Saya says we can stay in our house if some area is stored, else we are able to search any other place to live. Preeto stops them, however they depart. Sarpanch and others look on.

Shanno is leaving from the residence, Veeran attempts to stop her. Harak Singh asks where is she going? Shanno says we’ve got kept troubles at home because of Soumya. She says she is going to her mayka. Harman asks her no longer to move and tells that if she depart then opposition lawyer gets a threat to tell that own family is setting apart due to Soumya. Preeto additionally ask her to live lower back. Shanno says i can leave. Veeran asks her to go after someday. Shanno asks him if he desires to get his face blackened. She says we have a son, who will deliver us their daughter for our son. She says she has to depart. She leaves. Veeran shouts Shanno…Harman says they may be our own family and making us defeated. Soumya says no, and asks him no longer to lose hope. She says this testing time will end and says i get electricity from you, and says all our own family individuals are with us, and asks him no longer to interrupt his braveness.

He involves Soham. Soumya says he’s silent. Harman teases Soumya and says you used to go out with me, and additionally dance. Soumya asks why he comes to dance usually. Soham cries. Harman says i’m able to dance with you.

Sehgal comes domestic and asks his wife no longer to worry. Villager calls him and says now even own family members are leaving the kinnar, says the previous day you were saved, however who will saved you this time. Sukha is with the villager and says this lawyer will cross.

Precap: Sehgal refuses to take the case. Soumya, Harman and harak Singh come to his house, and attempt to convince him. His spouse says he’s going to now not fight the case. Soumya says then who will combat the case.


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