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Sukha asking Harak Singh what he’s going to do now and says you’ll now not get something via tying me here. Harak Singh asks Veeran to tie him inside the room till paintings is done. Sukha says you will not get whatever. Preeto asks Raavi to switch on anybody’s telephones and says attorney or Varun can name. Varun and legal professional come to some different hotel room. Varun says they ought to run because of Harman and Soumya. Varun asks whilst the individual come to take the toddler. attorney talks on the phone and tells that they may come to Mumbai the next day by flight. Harman and Soumya seek Varun and toddler. Does Soumya say where we can seek Soham? Harman says we can seek Police’s help. Soumya says Police will arrest us due to the false impression. Preeto calls Soumya and asks her. Soumya tells that she will be able to provide her replace. Sunaina, Gurmeet and Sweety come to harak Singh’s residence with the Police. Inspector tells that they have got to go looking at his house. Preeto asks them to move and not to problem them. Harak Singh asks them to look the residence if they have waste time. Constables search in the room where Sukha is tied, however, doesn’t examine him.

Soumya prays to Mata Rani and asks her to return Soham as they can’t live without him. Constable tells that Sukha isn’t always here. Inspector leaves. Preeto tells Sunaina that she knows that her husband is together with her and says until my youngsters convey Soham again properly, your husband will now not back. She says we will go Chandigarh. Sunaina and others pop out. Gurmeet recalls Preeto’s words and calls Varun the use of Inspector’s telephone. He asks where did Varun run after Harman and Soumya to take his baby back. He acts as though Varun went in the back of them to get his son. lawyer says Chandigarh. Inspector says they received’t be saved now. Soumya and Harman are status on the street and notice Varun and lawyer sitting in the cab. They run behind the cab. They ask the alternative cab driver. different cab driving force tells that Varun asked them to take to the airport as they have got the flight to capture. Soumya pleads in front of the driver to take them. They sit down inside the cab. Inspector lets Varun and lawyer go with Soham and forestalls Harman and Soumya’s automobile. They ask him to let them move, but Inspector calls him runaway criminal and says your wife is child thief. Harman pushes him and attempts to run, but Inspector shoots at Harman’s leg.

Soumya asks if he is mad and asks him to stop. Harman shouts Soham. Inspector shoots at his another leg. Harman faints and falls down unconscious. Soumya runs to him and asks him to stand up. Inspector asks Constable to have power. within the hospital, Soumya asks lady constable to go away her and tells that they have stolen and took their baby. the doctor comes out and tells that he is vital. Preeto calls Soumya. Soumya tells the whole lot to her. Preeto comes there and hugs Soumya. Soumya tells her that Harman is crucial and Varun took Soham to Mumbai. Preeto asks her to take a seat and says Mata Rani will make everything high-quality. She calls Harak Singh and asks him to come back to Chandigarh as Harman is shot. Harak Singh asks who shot him. Preeto asks him to come back there. She asks her to visit Mumbai and get Soham. Soumya asks her how can i pass leaving Harman here? Preeto asks her to go and says i am here with my son and asks her to take her son lower back. Soumya says where to go looking at him. Preeto says you are a mom and could understand. Inspector says she will be able to go as she is wanted via Police. Raavi asks Harak Singh to move and tells that she will be able to cope with Sukha here, and tells him that his daughter is likewise competent to stand him. Harak Singh leaves. Raavi threatens Harak Singh now not to act clever else she will kill him.

Inspector says we are able to permit her go as Mumbai is a massive town, where we can seek her. Preeto says I’m able to provide the written declaration that she can go back as soon as she gets the baby. Inspector says he doesn’t need. The ladies status there, tell Inspector that they may be seen considering the fact that a long time and is sure that Soumya is not mendacity. They tell that they may be ready to signal and guarantee him that she will be able to go back. Preeto takes their signs and symptoms and join up the paper herself and gives to Inspector. Soumya and Preeto thank them. The girls ask them to go and get her son back.

Precap:- Preeto asks Soumya to move and get her son back. Soumya asks her to take care of Harman. She flies right down to Mumbai.

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