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The Episode starts offevolved with Harman asking Soumya why is she smiling. Soumya says you have been about to bop and that’s why I concept you will dance without music. She says she likes their dance. Preeto brings tea and asks them to have tea.

Soumya says i might have made. Preeto says you don’t allow me do work so that i get fat. Raavi serves tea to them. someone knocks at the door. Raavi opens the door. Maninder and Bebe get inner. He scolds Soumya and blames her for Nimmi, Surbhi and Nani’s dying.

Harman says you would have come to invite about her. Maninder says if each person is aware of about our circumstance and tells that she has swallowed my circle of relatives and now i’m on street with my old mum. Harman says if you had understood then they might were alive. Harak Singh says they’re doing yagya for justice. Maninder says she

has taken many ahutis. Harman asks him no longer to come then. Maninder says i’m able to no longer step right here again and says even God will not bring me here. Soumya asks him to forestall the hatred for her. Maninder says i am dead for you and asks her to recall. He asks Bebe to come and is strolling out, whilst he receives an assault and falls down.

Mata Rani’s idol is proven. Soumya, Harman and Veeran take him to mattress. physician comes and exams him. Maninder profits consciousness and sees Soumya keeping his hand. He brushes off her hand and asks her to move.

He asks Bebe to assist him get up, however he can’t stand. He asks what occurred to my legs. medical doctor tests his legs and says there’s no sense, seems like he got paralysis attack. Dadi says this kinnar can be at peace after killing her father. Preeto says in case you say a phrase in opposition to my bahu then i can no longer bear. She says God didn’t can help you go this line and asks them to live quietly. Shakti music performs…Harman gets a name and says we’re coming.

They go to Sehgal residence. Sehgal’s spouse tells that he’s going to not combat the case as he was attacked by means of the villagers. Harman assures that not anything will show up and asks them to stay in their house. His wife refuses.

Soumya pleads infront of them to agree and says listening to is after 2 days. Sehgal asks them to exit and says he’s going to communicate to his wife. He tells his spouse that Harak Singh will deliver him extra money and tells that now the problem is set kinnar’s .

His spouse asks him to ask kinnar to stay away from her. He gets a name asking in the event that they were given a witness. Sehgal calls Harman and Soumya and asks them to look a few witness. Soumya says adequate. Sehgal comes home and says they need a few witness who have exclusive considering kinnar. Harman says my very own Chachi left us, what i’m able to hope from the arena.

Saya meets her brother and suggests Soumya’s percent. She says I know you don’t need to have any relation with me, but in case you help a kinnar find her identification then it will likely be wonderful.

She says you’re a massive builder and asks him for help. Soumya comes there. Saya says he is Mikha Singh, my brother. She asks him to provide a declaration. Soumya requests him to mention that kinnars are part of our network and might do a baby’s upbringing. Saya says this is in opposition to your wish and wondering, however please inform this lie for my sake. Mikha says i have recognize in society and says nobody shall realize that my sister is a kinnar.

Saya says adequate and says society will by no means recognise. Soumya says Mallika didi misses you and the rakhis which she tied to you. She says I recognise you’ll no longer call her to your home, but meet her whilst you get a chance. Mikha hears and leaves. Sehgal says we want someone who can stimulated a chief section of the humans.

Harman says who will aid us. Soumya comes and says we were given the witness. Harman asks who’s he? Soumya says he is a person associated with us and says he is prepared to offer witness. Sehgal says they need more influential people. Harman says he is calling Shruti, but she isn’t selecting the decision. Soumya asks him to satisfy Manasvi.

Varun tells Sarpanch that if Soumya wins, then she will raise her son and could tease them by using residing of their society. He thinks what to do. Sehgal’s spouse comes to Harak Singh’s house and thinks why his son were given married to kinnar.

Harak Singh asks her to take a seat. Soumya serves tea to them. She sees Soumya’s face and throws the tea cup calling her kinnar. She asks Sehgal to rise up and says they’ll now not live here. Harman says she is my wife, and asks her to be suitable with Soumya, for her very own good. Reporter Manasvi comes there. Sehgal’s wife inform that they’re doing a big favor on them.

Preeto says you are doing a big favour, however you don’t have the proper to insult our bahu. Harak Singh says you have become paid in your service. Soumya tells that she will now not serve them anything and could no longer come infront of them. Preeto says that is your own home and asks what are you pronouncing? Sehgal asks his spouse to go to room and says it’s miles simply matter of two days.

Soumya asks Manasvi to come back and says we need your help. Manasvi asks how to help you. Sehgal tells something. Varun tells that Manasvi reached there. Manasvi says she will’t assist them without delay, however is aware of a few influential human beings. Sukha says he determined a person from Harak Singh’s house who will help them.

Precap: Sukha tells that the case could have a huge impact on them. Harman asks Soumya to go, and says he will reach court docket with attorney and the witnesses. He meets with an twist of fate deliberate by way of Sukha and others.


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