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Mani tells Harak Singh that Harman is resting as he was drinking till 4 am. She gets retching and runs. Preeto reviews her arranging and gets cheerful. She tells Harak Singh that there is an uplifting news. Harak Singh gets cheerful and moves. He advises that he will be Dada. Harman awakens and says how might you become dada when I can’t turn into a dad. Harak Singh calls Harman and says he got an uplifting news today. Harman comes there and holds Mahi, asks what gibberish his folks are talking. Preeto says she is your significant other and will move toward becoming mother of your child. Harman yells and vents out his torment. He says I am simply of Soumya regardless of whether she don’t give me kids. He asks Mahi, how could you to approach me. He requests that her tell truth and picks a glass piece.

Preeto comes and stands infront of Mahi. Harman asks did all of you cheat with me? He says in the event that I become of another person, at that point I will end my life. He takes steps to cut his nerve. Harak Singh says I was clowning to know your response. Preeto says we were kidding and takes the glass piece from his hand. Harman says I am a human and not a creature. He requests that they quit testing him and asks Preeto to give him cash. Mahi cries. Harak Singh won’t give him cash and requests that he drink in room. He says when you don’t care for our joke then I won’t give cash. Harman requests that they keep the cash with themselves. Harak Singh says I will accompany you. Harman requests that he stay there and see the fantasy. He says you individuals made my life hellfire. Mahi cries. Preeto asks her not to be tragic and requests that her take rest. She says infant will join Harman and her and requests that her watch Luv kush program. She says she will go to sanctuary and offer Prasad in sanctuary. Raavi is amazed to know.

Preeto comes to sanctuary and tells that she is extremely upbeat today as Harman will be father soon. She expresses gratitude toward God and sees Soumya remaining behind her. She says you have come? Soumya says you called me here? Preeto says Harman has proceeded onward throughout everyday life and his child will be conceived in couple of months. She says when a man’s better half is full lady, I can’t disclose to you about the joy and not even you can get it. She says she won’t get mallika’s revile now. Soumya says this is the greatest joy and says she is glad. She says she will ask that his family remains sheltered and upbeat. Preeto requests that her implore. Soumya comes inside the sanctuary and thanks mata rani. She says you realize that my joy is honest and requests that her keep Harman’s family honored. Preeto hears her covering up and figures child will turn into a divider among Harman and Soumya. She says my supplications are replied. Pandit ji peruses that people get rebuffed in his life on the off chance that they have fouled up. Soumya gets back home and reveals to Soham that his more youthful sibling will be conceived and he will call her Maa. Harman is strolling out and about and says individuals state that world is round, however he couldn’t meet Soumya. Neighbors feel awful of his condition and censures his family for isolating him with Soumya. Harak Singh comes and reproves them. He takes Harman home.

Rohan discloses to Soumya that today is his birthday. Soumya wishes him glad birthday. Soham cries. Soumya goes to go to it. Harak Singh and Veeran attach Harman on to the bed. Harman inquires as to for what reason did you tie me and tell that only a couple of days left. Harak Singh chides him and asks him not to tell once more. Harman says don’t have a clue in the event that I be there to get your slap or not and requests that he slap him now. Harak Singh requests that he stay there. Harman says you individuals needed Soumya to go from my life and she went and she used to state that wine is her sautan, so I need to take backing of her sautan. Harak Singh inquires as to whether this is a joke? Harman says Harman and Soumya’s affection is made a joke and individuals are getting a charge out of. Harak Singh says you are allowing to them to appreciate. He requests that everybody go to their rooms. Harman says I will go extremely far, it’s not possible for anyone to stop me.

Later Raavi and Sindhu come to space to sustain him sustenance, yet he isn’t in the room. They leave from home to look through him. Mahi is stunned. Bansal, Vedant, Soumya and others observe Rohan’s birthday in the café. Soumya feels nearness there. Harman requests that barkeep take his watch and give him wine. Soumya is going to go, yet Vedant holds her hand and says di and jiju are here, I don’t need any tamasha. The barkeep tells that they need money and not wine. Rohan sees Harman and hurries to him. Soumya says I will bring him. Vedant asks his jiju to arrange sustenance and goes there. Rohan asks Harman how is he? Harman sees Soumya, you accompanied sasural individuals and host gathering. Soumya asks what are you doing here? Barkeep giggles and says he is requesting wine inexchange of watch. Harman inquires as to for what reason are you giggling. Vedant gives cash and requests that he offer wine to Harman, says today is Rohan’s birthday. Harman wishes him upbeat birthday, expresses gratitude toward him and takes the wine box.

Soumya and Rekha are doing puja of the banyan tree. Preeto brings Mahi there and solicits her to do the puja from the banyan tree, says whoever spouse does the puja here, her significant other will be spared. Mahi does the puja and appeals to God for Harman. Soumya is likewise doing puja for Harman’s prosperity and long life. Soumya sees Preeto and Shanno remaining there. She at that point sees Mahi and calls her. She goes to her and says I got the uplifting news and I am exceptionally glad to realize that Harman’s infant will come in this world. She says I need to give you anything you desire and asks what do you need? Mahi reviews Harman’s words and requests that her go exceptionally a long way from Harman and her life. Soumya looks on.

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