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The Episode starts with Soumya asking Harman to agree for Soham. Harman is of the same opinion. Preeto says shall we percent the baggage. Maninder gets bebe’s call and he says that he’ll come. He asks Sukha to make an awesome plan and is going. Varun asks Sukha to get his son and asks whilst you’ll deliver when I die. Sukha says i’ve an idea. Varun asks him to percentage the concept and says I want my son anyhow. Harman and Soumya get geared up to go. Harak Singh gives money to Harman and also debit card. He asks him to inform if extra money is wanted. Varun gets glad listening to Sukha’s plan. Shanno appears on as Harman and Soumya are leaving from the residence. Preeto tells Soumya that you all ought to return when everything settles down and asks her no longer to worry. Soumya gets emotional and hugs Preeto. She then hugs Raavi. Raavi asks her to take care. Soumya touches Harak Singh’s feet. Harak Singh blesses her. She is ready to the touch Veeran’s ft, however he says its ok. Harman hugs Harak Singh and Preeto. He asks her no longer to cry. Preeto asks him to name them and force the automobile carefully. Harman says adequate. Preeto asks him to head. Soumya and Harman go away from the house. Harak Singh says Sukha, now face me….Panchayat men come infront of Harman’s automobile and asks him to prevent the auto. Harman receives down from the car. Panch man tell that they are able to’t depart from the village as Varun filed new request from Panchayat. Soumya says Panchayat has taken a selection. Panch guy tells that they will pay attention his plea. Sukha and Varun are close by and looking at them. Sukha says they are able to’t do whatever do.

Harak Singh asks Soumya to stay at domestic with Soham. Harman and Harak Singh goes there with Preeto. Harak Singh asks in which is Varun? Varun comes together with his new or may be faux wife with garland on his neck. He says i’m here and asks if they’ll no longer welcome them. Maninder gets shocked by way of his move. Varun says she is my wife and we were given simply married. He says I introduced Pandit ji for witness. He says I wanted a lady to raise my infant and that’s why I added a mother for him. He asks Sarpanch to offer his son. Harman says you discovered this heinous manner to grab the toddler and says today no person can prevent, neither Panchayat nor these people. Sarpanch asks them to be on top of things and holds Harman and Harak Singh. Harak Singh receives irritated. Maninder says step mother will no longer cope with our grand son. He receives irritated and opposes Sarpanch selection. Sukha asks him to be quiet. Maninder says I won’t be quiet. Sukha says nobody will listen you now and asks him to apprehend. Preeto requests Sarpanch now not to do that together with her bahu.

Soumya asks Raavi what Soham will become? Raavi says his Dada has many factories, he don’t need to become something. She says he will become true like his mum. Soumya says if he becomes like Harman or Harak Singh. Raavi enacts like them. Soumya asks her to attend to child and goes to get water. Sarpanch tells that varun has first right on Soham and now he has a mother too. He says Soumya can meet Soham at any time. Harman refuses to agree. Sarpanch asks him to obey his selection. Harman says simply hell along with your decision. Sarpanch asks his guys to lock him in the room. Harman asks them to go away him. The Panch guys lock him inside the room. Harman asks them to open the door. Preeto tells Sarpanch that everybody knows that how step mum behaves. Varun’s new spouse tells that she wants to change human beings’s attitude and can be a good mom to him. Maninder shouts and asks who is she? Preeto asks her no longer to intervene. Varun says she is my wife. Sarpanch says if they couldn’t cope with infant well then we can supply back to you. sukha says I supply this guarantee. Harak Singh asks from in which this lady have come? Varun tells that he’s child’s father and could deal with him. Sarpanch asks Panch female to go and get Soham from Soumya and if she refuses to give then lock her in the room like they locked Harman. Preeto begs infront of Sarpanch, however he don’t agree. They maintain Preeto at the same time as others visit get toddler. Soumya brings milk and takes Soham. She is ready to feed Soham. Panch woman bluntly takes Soham from Soumya and says it’s far Panchayat order to take the child. Soumya is greatly surprised.

Soumya comes walking to the Panchayat and picks grass reducing sickle and asks them to stop. Panch ladies get tensed. Soumya receives angry. Shakti tune performs……

Shakti 1st February 2019 Written Update Precap:

Shakti 1st February 2019 Written Episode Update
Shakti 1st February 2019 Written Episode Update

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