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The Episode starts with Harman getting jealous seeing Soumya helping Vedant to sit on the sofa. Vedant asks Soumya to inform his dad that they came to Harak uncle house. Soumya calls Bansal and says they came to meet Harman ji as Vedant asked. Bansal says it is really good, and more good is that you came back to work. Saya calls Soumya and asks where are you? Soumya says she brought Vedant to Harman’s house. Saya says you left his job. Soumya says I don’t know what is happening? Saya says you asked us not to talk about Harman, but see God’s doing that you go back to him eventually. Sindhu talks to Soumya and asks her to return home. Soumya says I am not anyone’s bhabhi now, but Vedant’s caretaker. Raavi brings tea for everyone. Vedant thinks to create tension between Harman and Soumya, so that Harmanget tensed and Soumya becomes his. Vedant tells them that Soumya is a kinnar and if they don’t want her to give tea in same cup, then can give in another cup. Raavi says we don’t have problem. Harman says I have problem. Vedant says I thought your thinking is progressive and says I will make Tarana have tea outside. Raavi says this is new cup, she can have tea in it and asks him to throw it later. Raavi gives her tea. Soumya thanks her. Vedant thinks to hurt Harman more. Harman says I will come to work from tomorrow. Vedant asks him to rest for some days. Harman refuses. Vedant asks Soumya to come with him for shopping and asks her to buy whatever she wants. Soumya says I don’t want. Vedant asks her to take him for shopping atleast. She helps him stand up holding his hand and makes him sit on the wheel chair. They are leaving. Harman asks Raavi to give the cup and says he will throw it outside the house. Soumya hears him and goes. Harman takes the cup and goes to his room.

Soumya and Vedant come to the shop and ask the salesperson to show the matching color clothes for them. He says their bond will be good. Soumya says she don’t want anything. Vedant says if you don’t accept it then I will think that you didn’t forgive me. He likes orange saree for her. Soumya says she doesn’t like the color and asks him to buy something for himself. He asks to try once. Some goons come there and identify Soumya as the same kinnar. Vedant gets angry. The goon asks what he will do? Vedant asks Soumya to help him stand and slaps the goon. He tells that kinnar is also human like us and asks him to change his thinking.

Sindhu tells Raavi that Bhaiyya must be hurt seeing her holding Vedant’s hand to help him. Raavi says it is her job, she can’t leave job. Sindhu says their relation will ruin. Raavi says Harman is wrong and Soumya is getting punished. Sindhu argues that Soumya is punishing him. Preeto hears them and thinks many people in the house are against Soumya.

Soumya comes wearing orange saree. Shop keeper says it is looking beautiful. Vedant compliments her beauty and asks her to select a shirt for Harman. Soumya asks shop keeper to show the best shirt as it will be worn by the most handsome man. He goes out and gives money to the goon for getting the slap. He thinks you are my habit and happiness.

Vedant tells Soumya that he feels ashamed of his doings and tells that he will bring icecream for her. Soumya says she will bring. Vedant says I don’t trust myself and goes to get icecream. He brings iceceam and gives one to Soumya. Soumya eats the icecream. Kareena takes their pics. Harak Singh says what Harman would have felt when he sees Soumya with Vedant and says sometimes he feels that either God shall unite them or separate them forever. Kareena sends pic to Preeto. Preeto laughs and says someone sent a joke. She says destiny will take Soumya away from Harman. She thinks to use the pic at the right time and fill hatred in Harman’s heart. She appreciates herself for her plan.

Bansal is worried and tells Raju that vedant might be troubling Tarana. Vedant comes and says this will not happen day. Soumya keeps the shopping bags. Vedant says I have become a gentleman and is changed because of your caretaker, he gives gift to his dad. Mr. Bansal gets emotional and excuses himself. Mr. bansal goes to room. Soumya comes there. Mr. Bansal says I am happy that my son is changing and I have a feeling that I am a father of a grown up son. Soumya tells him that Vedant loves him very much and is changing for good. He asks her if she misses her family. Soumya says everyone is left behind.

Later she comes to meet Harman and asks why did you call me? Harman says everything ended. Soumya asks what do you think? Harman says he just gets angry and found a way to get rid of the anger. He takes out the guns and loads bullets in it. He asks her not to worry about Soham and says Harak Singh and Preeto will bring him up better than us. He says if we are alive then we will trouble each other so we shall die. He asks her not to think and think that this is the last good bye. He gives swear to her of their love. They take the guns. Soumya couldn’t aim at him. Harman makes her aim gun at him.

Precap: Harman tells Soumya that he will count till three then they will shoot at each other. He says we will go seeing each other smiling faces. They shoot at each other.


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