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The Episode starts with Harman telling Soumya that they may start together with her first dream and says she will be able to go to university. Raavi says youngsters pass to high school and no longer grown ups. Soumya says anyone will make a laugh of me. Harman says you didn’t smash with people’s scoffs calling her as kinnar and says then why you will damage with their taunts. Preeto tells her that if Nimmi had shown courage then you definately would have been educated. Harman tells that Rajat researched about kinnars and came to realize that they’re getting pinnacle positions after you have training. Harak Singh says even he wishes his bahu rani to make a new start, but many problems will come her way and she has to face it. Harman asks if he’s strengthening her braveness or making it lose. Harak Singh says she has to begin from the scratch. Harman says he’ll do the entirety. Harak Singh says i’ve full religion on my bahu rani and says we all are with you. He says daughters will be given the schooling first. Harman says i can call all the colleges for admission.

He calls St. Peter’s school and says kid is 24 years age. The person on call ends the call. Soumya says no child is 24 years antique. Harman says shall I say that I need to get my quarreling wife admitted in faculty. He calls any other college. And says no faculty is ready to provide her admission. Sindhu asks Soumya to hold Soham and asks Harman to name on a variety of, says a instructor will let you. Harman calls on that number. Sindhu herself choices the decision and says you referred to as at many faculties and forgot her very own sister who’s a instructor, says if it’s far your foolishness or that if i am a stranger. She asks him to carry student to highschool day after today. Veeran says problem is solved.

Later Preeto is sitting on my own. Harman comes to her and asks why is she sitting on my own. Preeto says she got to sit down peacefully after many days and asks from where he were given thought to make Soumya educated. Preeto says he went to Maharani and she gave him an idea to educate her. Preeto says you unfold sweetness. Harman makes her have chocolates.

subsequent day, At Gurukul Valley school, teacher asks if that is the age to take admission in college. other instructor identifies her as kinnar. Harman says sure, she is a kinnar and his spouse. important says this motive is sufficient no longer to present her training. Sindhu talks to the principal and tells that Soumya has received the case, and asks them to present her admission in teachers’ quota. main asks her to resign. Soumya asks Sindhu not to fall in any problem. Sindhu holds Soumya’s hand and forestalls her. She asks predominant to write down at the paper and supply to her, and says every person has the proper to study. predominant offers the shape to Sindhu. instructor asks him what he’ll write in gender and smiles. Harman tells that they’re running college, however aren’t modern, and tells that they have no third option for genders. main takes the shape and asks Sindhu to make Soumya sit in fifth class. Harman says all the first-rate to Soumya.

Preeto serves lemon tree to Harak Singh. Harak Singh asks her to keep water in fridge and ask Veeran to carry vegetable and glucose for Soumya, and additionally supply her lemon water while she will come from college. Preeto says the whole lot is carried out, she made butter milk and feature grounded five kgs almonds to accept to Soumya. Raavi says you didn’t do that even in your youngsters. She needs to have such inlaws. Preeto says you are not like Soumya, but is like her father. Raavi says sure, and asks Harak Singh to send Soumya to university and train her nicely, so that she receives high position and so on. She needs best for Soumya.

Sindhu takes Soumya to elegance. youngsters ask if she is instructor or inspection trainer. Sindhu says she is a scholar and asks her to sit down. one of the kid tells that he noticed her on tv. Soumya runs out. Sindhu follows her and tells that when youngsters see her goodness, they may understand and could not differentiate between humans. Harman is shopping for juice on the juice stall. a person comes there and asks if his spouse is kinnar. Harman says yes. Saya comes there and makes Harman have candies. She asks about Soumya. Harman says she is analyzing in the school. Soumya befriends Soumya. different male teacher comes there and asks them not to touch her, and says do you understand who is she? She is a kinnar.

Harman asks Saya and others to go and says Soumya is analyzing. The children asks what is kinnar? The instructor asks them to hold quiet and asks Soumya to sit at the back of her. Saya asks Harman if they could see how Soumya is studying in faculty? Harman says you could see..The trainer tells the students that they may be two varieties of human beings, boy and girl. Soumya recollects Harman making the toilet for her. She desires each person’s wondering is like him, then the arena must had been stunning.

Precap; Saya and others kinnars looking at Soumya from outside. one of the boy name her chudail. instructor takes Soumya, Saya and others to essential and asks him to cancel Soumya’s admission. Saya pleads infront of him to allow Soumya have a look at.


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