Shakti 23rd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Saya and Chameli attempt to leave the lock room and discover all entryways and windows bolted. She says we need to stop this marriage in any case. Kinnars return home and tell that they couldn’t discover Saya and Chameli. Harak Singh says he is exceptionally cheerful today. Preeto says who will move if not us. Harak Singh and Preeto move on the tune… in no way like my mahi… .Preeto says we have moved and says if everybody realizes that Soumya moves great. She asks Soumya to move and inquires as to whether he has any complaint. Vedant says on the off chance that she moves today, at that point it implies she has taken out Harman from her heart. Soumya figures no one can remove Harman from my heart. Vedant requests that her move. Soumya moves on the tune Aankhiya milake… taare hai baaratein hai… plays… .She takes a gander at Harman, sings and moves while getting passionate.

Some kinnars come there. Harak Singh says who called you here? Kinnar requests that he tell that where is Mallika and Chameli. Preeto says they are your relatives. Kinnars state that they are captured. Vedant asks don’t you feel disgrace to accuse the unassuming individuals. Harak Singh requests that they go. Preeto says we are acquainted with such siyappas and requests that the visitors go to the marriage too. Harman comes to Soumya and says you may be glad that I am wedding another person. He says you might be glad as this is the best way to get the allegation off from you. Soumya says whatever name you give me is satisfactory to me. Harman says you couldn’t bear tomorrow and requests that her think what to favor him. Soumya says I need you to be cheerful consistently. Harman says you didn’t leave me for other, I am wedding even after you are here. He goes. Vedant comes to Soumya and discloses to her that she moved so well today. He says I didn’t realize that you can do anything for Harman. Soumya says whatever I am doing is for Harman’s bliss. Later in the night, Vedant comes to Saya and Chameli’s room. Saya asks Chameli to run. They run out from that point. Vedant considers his goons and tells that they will not reach Harman.

Saya and Chameli hole up behind the vehicle. Saya tells that they will reach Harman some way or another. The goons get Chameli. Vedant requests that goons take her to the house. Saya runs and requests that somebody give his telephone. She calls Harman and requests that he listen cautiously. She requests that he come to powerhouse behind the sanctuary. She sits tight for him in the power house and hangs tight for Harman. Preeto comes and says why Harman will come, the one has come whom you called here.

She says you came where you were tied. Kareena and different kinnars supporting preeto comes there. Preeto reviews vedant requesting that her handle Saya. Preeto says you called and said all that. She says fate don’t need Harman and Soumya to join together. Saya says they will get back together. Preeto asks Saya to let Harman proceed onward as Soumya has proceeded onward. She requests that her be there till the marriage. Saya says Preeto ji. Kareena hits bar on Saya’s head and makes her oblivious and harmed. Preeto thinks whatever I am doing is for my child and this time my child will wed a lady.

Precap: Pandit ji requests to get the ghatbandhan tied. Preeto says Soumya will tie ghatbandhan. Soumya ties the ghatbandhan. Pandit ji approaches them to go to bat for rounds.


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