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Soumya says we shall help them. Harak Singh is going out and offers his vehicle keys, but the affected person’s husband refuses to take their help. Soumya gives keys in his hand and says neither of us will include you. that man throws the keys and says I don’t want your help. Sindhu asks Soumya to do the shipping of the female like she had carried out of Shanno. The patient’s mom in law and husband refuse to get her shipping done through Soumya, even supposing his spouse dies. Harman says you might don’t love your spouse, but i really like my wife very an awful lot. He says from in which such human beings comes there. Harak Singh asks them to come. Soumya appears at the pregnant woman and tells Preeto that the female wishes us now. She says if something occurs to her, then i can’t forgive myself. Preeto asks her to return. The pregnant female’s husband asks them to stop. Soumya asks him to move from their manner. They hold each other’s hand….Shakti music plays…..Soumya shouts asking the person to move from her way. Sunaina and Sweety are standing there and fumes. Shakti music plays….other woman joins to do her delivery.

Preeto asks the vintage girl to have shame and says you didn’t apprehend different girl’s ache. She says we won’t let some thing appear in your bahu, and says the greater hatred you have for my bahu, the greater love i’ve for her. Sweety says Soumya became heroine. Sunaina says if the toddler dies then..Soumya facilitates the girl deliver the child. She offers toddler to the antique female. Preeto says toddler is healthful and first-class and tells that guy that he has come to be a father. Harman says you made me proud. Preeto says we can depart now. They go away. Sweety asks them to check the child and says kinnar may have born at the palms of kinnar.

In the morning, Harman wakes up Soumya and asks her to get equipped to go to high school. Soumya asks him to say accurate morning speedy. He hugs her and says she shall go on time. Harak Singh tells Soumya that Harman in no way went to high school on time. Harman asks her to go and take bath. Preeto brings tiffin and breakfast in room. Sindhu is speakme to someone and says she can’t talk now. Preeto and Harak Singh come there. Sindhu says she was speakme to Shanno. Preeto asks her now not to fear.

Soumya is ready to move to highschool and takes preeto’s advantages. Preeto blesses her and makes her have curd and sugar. Sindhu offers her notebook. Veeran offers her pen with the first-class wishes. Raavi offers her compass box. Harak Singh asks them to take automobile keys and go in vehicle. Harman says i’m spoiled due to you and that i don’t want Soumya to get spoiled. He says I never gave importance to studies and that’s why I don’t need Soumya to get spoiled. Harak Singh says he’s blaming my vehicle for his failure. Preeto asks him to let them move. Harman suggests the cycle and says that is gulabo’s experience. He asks Soumya to sit and they go away. Harman says shall we cross. They journey on the bicycle. The vintage woman comes whose bahu’s transport, Soumya did closing night time and offers her slate, chalk and so on..Chaudhary attempts to prevent her. girl tells that if I don’t do this then i’m able to now not study any kinnar. She blesses Soumya to get a whole lot educated. Sindhu tells Veeran that she will be able to also go. Veeran asks her to get Rickshaw. Harman tells Soumya that one man or woman is together with her now, and after she gets knowledgeable then all and sundry can be with her. just then Soumya and Harman falls down from the cycle. Soumya writhes in ache, and says she is pleasant. Harman sees harm on her foot and places water on it. He says we can go to doctor. Harman says we’re going to doctor.

Sindhu reaches faculty and waits for Soumya. She thinks once gate closes, will now not open once more. Bell jewelry. Watchman is set to close the gate. Harman asks watchman to wait and says one infant is remaining. Sindhu sees bandage on her foot and asks what passed off? Harman says she were given injured, lifts her and takes her inner. The woman trainer asks what is this nautanki and asks her to maintain her down. Soumya says anybody is asking at them. Harman asks her to be silent and says not now. He walks within the college.

Precap: Harman takes Soumya to class room and asks her to observe nicely, says i love you. The instructor asks Harman to satisfy him in most important’s workplace.

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Shakti 25 April 2019
Shakti 25th April 2019
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Shakti 25th April


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