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The Episode starts with Soumya thinking from whom to ask help and how to get Nishat’s number. Watchman comes and gives her Nishat’s number and asks her not to tell his name. Shruti is at the poolside with the baby and tells Nishat that they are enjoying. Soumya calls Nishat. Nishat picks the call, but Shruti takes the phone and ends it. She says until we are here, no phone calls, social media, work etc. She switches off the phone. Nishat says ok. Soumya gets worried and enquires with the people on road.

Shakti 25th February 2019

Gurmeet tells Varun that Harak Singh and his family took Sukha with them. Varun says we will go and enquire with them. They come to Harak Singh’s house and ask about Raavi. Raavi says she will never tell. Varun misbehaves with her saying he will get her arrested. He is about to slap her, but Veeran holds his hand and says she is your sister and you shall not do this in front of me. Raavi asks him to leave. Varun asks where is everyone? Raavi says everyone is searching Soham. Varun thinks he is in Singapore, and you can’t find him. Raavi thinks Soumya has gone there and will bring him. Raavi appreciates Shanno for not telling him anything.

Shakti 25th February

Soumya sits in the park and cries thinking about Soham. She prays to Mata Rani and asks where shall I search him? She says Soham was Choti’s last safekeeping and she wanted me to raise him like his mother. She asks Mata Rani to help her. She sees a lady taking her baby in her hands and thinks Soham might be crying there. Soham cries. Nishat asks Shruti if she knows any lori. Shruti says no and says she will try. She sings twinkle twinkle. Soumya takes the Singaporean baby and sings lori for him. The girl with whose car Soumya collided, stops and sees her singing lullaby. Singaporean baby also keeps quiet, and so is Soham.

Shakti 25 February 2019

The girl comes to Soumya and calls her sunshine. Soumya says my name is Soumya. Girl says you are not local here and asks from where she came? Soumya says she came from Gurdaspur. Girl asks her to sing lori for her baby and asks why are you singing for others’ baby. Soumya says she came for her son. The girl asks her to take her stuff and come with her, else she will call Police. Soumya goes with her. They come to the restaurant. Girl asks her to have food. Soumya says I will have food once I get Soham. Girl says if you starve then you will die. Soumya says you will not understand as you are not a mother. Girl says she can understand as someone had adopted her in her childhood. She says after adopting me, those parents have their own children and dropped her on road. She says she became a dancer for her livelihood. She says I don’t think my parents will come in search of me. Soumya says I understood. Girl asks her to have food and says then I will drop you to your hotel. Soumya looks down. Girl asks her to come to her house for tonight. She asks her to eat and come.

Shakti 25 February

Harman asks Preeto to call Soumya and asks when she will come. Preeto makes an excuse that she will come. Harman asks her to tell him the truth. Preeto tells him everything. Harman is worried.

Precap: Shakti 25 February 2019 Written Update Soumya comes to Nishat and Shruti’s party and tells that he is her son and warns them not to call him as their son.


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