Shakti 25th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Saya and Chameli are running making a course for reach there and stop Harman and Mahi’s marriage, however it is past the point of no return. Everybody applauds. Vedant smiles. Pandit ji asks Harman and Mahi to go to bat for rounds. Vedant comes to Soumya and says on the off chance that Harman gets suspicious, at that point he won’t wed. Soumya returns close to the marriage special stepped area. Vedant gives her bloom petal to toss on them. Harman takes a gander at Soumya and tragically begin taking rounds with Mahi. Saya and Chameli are as yet running. Harman and Mahi takes rounds. Soumya and others toss bloom petals on them. Pandit ji announces that marriage is finished, presently you both are a couple. Preeto grins joyfully. Saya and Chameli comes to there with wounds on their appearances. Preeto takes a gander at them triumphantly.

Soumya asks what befell you. Preeto stops Soumya and says they know Vedant and your marriage truth and in the event that Harman comes to know this, at that point you realize what he will do. Soumya comes infront of Saya and Chameli. Saya says I came to advise truth to Harman. Soumya folds her hands and says this reality isn’t huge than my character. She says regardless of whether you tell it, at that point additionally my kinnar truth won’t change and society will feel that I have demolished a man and lady’s Jodi. Saya says Harman offered appropriate to you and I can’t give you a chance to isolate from him. Soumya says he will consistently be a piece of my life, I am going from his life and he will remain with me in my heart as my devta.

Chameli says Harman has to know reality. Soumya says at times it is smarter to cover reality. Saya says you are conflicting with the God and demolishing your predetermination. Soumya says in the event that it was not her fate, at that point you would have preceded the marriage. Vedant says Soumya is extremely understanding and says on the off chance that she breaks her guarantee, at that point Harman will go to prison and I won’t let his bail occur. Soumya asks Saya not to destroy two lives. Different kinnars come there. Harak Singh says who called you here. Saya says we came to favor you. Preeto says our child needn’t bother with kinnars’ gifts. Pandit ji requests that they take kuldevta’s gifts. Preeto asks sindhu and Raavi to take them to take the gifts and requests that they go. Harman, Mahi, Sindhu and Raavi go from that point. Preeto asks the kinnars to leave from that point. Saya says we will leave, what is the rush? She says a kinnar prevented us from telling a reality else you would have lose again and it would have been demonstrated that Harman and Soumya are made for one another.

Preeto affronts Soumya and Saya seriously and requests that they leave from that point. Shanno says they have no regard or constraints and requests that her give them nek and show them out. Preeto asks Saya to approach and says for what good reason God made kinnar and says he would have made them creepy crawly so that their (preeto and her family) lives shows signs of improvement some way or another. Saya says enough.

She says we come here and you had acknowledged us at some point back and had acknowledged Soumya as your bahu. She says you made her penance over and over, she named her life for all of you, yet you don’t see her favors. She says kinnars give gifts, yet today I am reviling you to experience a similar circumstance as us and argue for absolution. She says this is my revile. Preeto looks on.

Precap: Preeto reveals to Mahi that it is her obligation to deal with the house and repels fiendish from the house. She shuts the entryway.


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