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At morning, Suomya wakes Harman up to go and find a properly lawyer. Harman desire her Holi and takes a sindoor container to fill her hairline as Holi want. He guarantees to deliver Soham back to themselves quickly. they come downstairs. The journalist became looking forward to Harman and Suomya. Harman asks if she knows any lawyer who isn’t afraid of the society and may appeal for their case in excessive court docket. The journalist says there is a attorney, Rajat Singh. he’s a decided and guy of remedy, and he can in no way leave any case within the midst. Harak Singh hears this and asks them to head and locate this guy.

In the vehicle, Harman says he has seemed anywhere around however couldn’t discover this Rajat Singh. The journalist says he may be anywhere, amidst the gang or sitting all on my own. They forestall by using a fight amongst a crowd. The journalist acknowledges him as Rajat Singh. Harman says the man appears to be some goon but she replies no goon can live in the front of him. Harman and Suomya walk in the direction of Rajat Singh. Suomya requests Rajat to combat their case, they have heard he loses no case. Rajat doesn’t reply, rather walks to his motorbike and drives away. Harman says they need to go to his house and deliver a sit down in until he agrees. every other goon says they gained’t find him at domestic.
Rajat Singh brings the money he had gained within the combat to a bar café and buys himself a drink.
The villagers reach Harak Singh’s residence. They inform Harak Singh and Preeto that they got here over to take Mata Ji’s idol. A kinner resides in their residence and this residence can’t be natural. Preeto deters the villagers to cross the entrance, she can withstand to all of the possible limits. The villagers damage into the residence preserving Harak Singh, Preeto and Ravi a hostage. Harak Singh gets an injury over his forehead.

Inside the car, Suomya became looking the circle of relatives pictures. Harman assures Preeto they can fight and win this combat, it’s now not about their right however additionally about her astitvya.
before the villagers should take the idol, Preeto brings a burning log as lantern and runs toward the guys. She claims there may be a Durga in every female. The police additionally attain and evacuates the house from the villagers. Preeto follows the group out of doors, and blames the police constable for being of no assist. He replies he has to attend to his own protection as properly. Preeto says if he became additionally a kinner like Suomya, he could have been able to fight the entire international.
Harman reaches Rajat Singh. He asks him to at the least hear their case. Rajat Singh replies he does nothing however to fight and drink.

At home, Harak Singh asks Ravi to easy his wound so that Harman can’t realize about the incident.
Rajat tells Harman it appears he wishes extra of pity than help. He ceased feeling pity for others years ago, Harman ought to move and deal with his wife. He turns to leave but Suomya stops him there. Harman asks what’s the trouble with him, why his coronary heart is so sour. Suomya says neither law, nor courts are assisting them. Rajat says God helps folks who helps themselves. Suomya qualifies she got here over to him for this very cause. they’ve heard none can combat rightfully in courtroom better than him. Rajat asks them to head and offer some cash, they may get many in black coats who declare to be attorney. Harman says they got here right here to satisfy recommend Rajat Singh. Suomya requests him to assist them, she can’t fight for herself alone. She is a kinner and can’t fight for her rights. Rajat replies the world couldn’t provide justice to a lady and guy, why could they do it for kinner. Harman says they need to make the world comprehend that everybody is same inside the eyes of law. Rajat replies the regulation is blind, masses are deaf, and courts are disabled without proofs; he left that path lengthy in the past. He couldn’t change their wondering, he now changed his path. Harman and Suomya were left helpless.
It was night. Preeto became restless now that Harman and Suomya had been nonetheless no longer returned. Harman and Preeto return domestic unsuccessful in compelling Rajat Singh. Harman changed into irritated how should he fight their case, he himself didn’t trust courts or the law process.
inside the room, Suomya stands beside the window of her room and prays for a manner to compel Rajat Singh. Harman comes to face at the back of her, he speaks to the moon that his Gulabo need to get a message that there’s no need to fear. they may visit Rajat Singh the next day. he’s going to now not leave a single dream of her dream unfulfilled. Suomya says she is sleepless. Harman says alright, they may stand right here all night time long and pray for their success. Suomya hugs Harman. both say i like you to each other.

Precap Upcoming Shakti episode update: Rajat Singh wasn’t equipped to hear some thing. Suomya notices a saree in his cupboard. outside, Suomya tells Harman that it seems Rajat also loves a person dearly. They need to discover the motive he’s disappointed from the criminal set up and gave up on his advocacy.


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