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The Episode begins with Soumya disclosing to Harman that his cycle ride is ideal. Sindhu takes a gander at them and says sweet. Harman and Soumya are riding on the designed cycle. Aaj se teri gali meri hogayi plays… He inquires as to whether she is fine? She says yes. Harman requests that her hold him. Individuals out and about observe the cycle and says it is peculiar. The women out and about prefer to see their ride and acclaims Harman to mind and sentimental. Harman and Soumya return home. Preeto gets some information about her damage. Harak Singh if Harman made her slip. Soumya says it is little damage. Harman asks the end result for him? Raavi says bau ji is isolating Soumya’s room with the goal that you don’t exasperate her in her investigations as he realizes that you won’t let her examination. Harman says when he doesn’t care for her, at that point isolated them and now once more. Harak Singh inquires him to have tolerance. Raavi prods him. Preeto gets some information about her day. Soumya says she needs to learn tables. Harman says who learns tables. Raavi says scientific tables. Preeto requests that her rest and after that review.

Harak Singh requests that somebody out ice on Harman’s head and says it is hot. Harman says he will deliver retribution. Preeto brings paratha for Soumya while she is considering and sits close by. Soumya learns 14’s table. Preeto asks her not to stress. Harak Singh requests that her read quick and says I realize tables till 17. He is in agony after tumbled down. Harman rubs his back and says have some disgrace, you have isolated beta and bahu, I will never excuse you. Harak Singh says gracious Maa..Preeto inquires as to why you are calling your maa..Harman says I will deal with him, don’t stress and back rubs hard, saying he won’t abandon him for isolating him with his better half.

Soumya is perusing the tables. Harman goes to her. Soumya requests that he go out, let her examination. Harman reveals to her that he will show her and requests that her nearby her eyes. He says 14*1=14. Soumya inquires as to for what reason are you squandering my time and says relatives have trust with her examinations. Harman says you consider everybody and not me. he says I have a smart thought and requests that her keep onions in her underarms to play hooky for multi day. Soumya yells calling Preeto and Raavi. Preeto asks what was the deal? Soumya says he isn’t letting me to study and offering thoughts to bunk school. Harak Singh says so this is his concept of bunk school, presently I came to know how he used to get fever frequently. He requests that he go out and let Soumya ponder.

Preeto asks Harman and everybody to go to their rooms. Soumya keeps on contemplating tables. Harman thumps on the entryway and calls her Gulabo. Soumya requests that he go and covers the window with drapes. Harman says I won’t abandon welcome to my room and thinks his relatives are exceptionally terrible. He sings tune… ..yeh raat aur yeh dori… .Harak Singh and Preeto wake up from rest. He says he isn’t ceasing even in night and singing melody out loud. Harman keeps on singing. Soumya becomes flushed and grins.

Following day, Harman drops Soumya to class on a bike. He requests that her go till he stops the cycle. A few people leaves the school and tells that she isn’t telling that kinnars will not consider, however she will think about in night school. Guardian shuts the entryway before Harman could head inside. Harman requests that he open the entryway. The man advises that he came to drop his youngsters and saw her better half lifting her and taking her to study hall. Harman says on the off chance that anybody advises anything to her, at that point I will beat them. Soumya tells that her mum didn’t send her to class dreading of her reality. Sindhu says in the event that Soumya contemplates in the school, at that point the children won’t abhor kinnars as they do. One of the guardians tell that they don’t loathe her, yet don’t need her to think about in the school.

Sindhu requests that the general population let her examination. Harman asks Soumya not to stress. Sindhu requests that he quiet down. The general population or the children’s folks tell that they can’t send their children here. The vital tells that they can’t let her examination here.

Precap Upcoming Shakti Episode Update: Soumya discloses to Sindhu that she don’t need children’s training to endure on account of her. The children embrace her and says you won’t go anyplace.


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