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This movie should be named as Unconditional Kinner regulation development. Harman asks him to ship this English name. Harman tells the main that his Gulabo says youngsters continually study what they see. children witnessed love thru his act. The teacher pass over Archana asks if Harman would now teach the kids to love a kinner. Harman says it appears she never cherished, else her words wouldn’t have been so bitter. The principal interrupts Harman not to apply lovie dovie pet names in faculty, if Suomya is harm he have to take her to health center.

Inside the study room, Suomya finds a lonely girl sitting misplaced in some deep notion. all the different classmates were busy playing rather. Suomya asks the lady why she isn’t gambling with others. The lady questions why, if she is her friend. the other classmates also ask the equal question. The girl cries that it’s her birthday today and nobody celebrated it, her dad and mom didn’t wish her today. Suomya tells the others to take care of her. She hurries outside and asks Harman to take her to a nearby market. The guard doesn’t permit Suomya to go away in school timings. She tells the listing to Harman, then takes permission from protect to wait here. Sindhu watches her there, she then lies to overlook Archana that it’s their games length.

Preeto comes to the room after setting Soham to sleep. Harak Singh turned into setting a study desk for Suomya. He decides Suomya will look at in this desk any more, else Harman could keep stressful her.
Harman brings the birthday party gadgets. He thinks she loves everyone as much as she loves him, but he desires to have the maximum of her love. He leaves anyway.

Suomya and Sindhu carry the cake for Pari into the lecture room. Suomya tells Pari her dad and mom is probably tensed, or busy in any other case no mother and father neglect the birthday in their youngsters. She presents the birthday cap to Pari, and brings her to cut the cake. absolutely everyone in the magnificence sings for Pari while she cuts the cake. Pari thanks Suomya and says she will by no means be angry with Suomya again. Suomya shakes hand with Pari, every body else also does. A instructor comes over. Sindhu says its Pari’s birthday, they were wishing her. The teacher needs birthday to Pari, then sends everybody to clean their faces now. The instructor now starts offevolved the class, he listens the tables from kids. He notices Suomya hadn’t memorized the desk. He tells Suomya to rise up and read the table. Suomya didn’t recall the desk. The teacher changed into irritated and asks how she would cover the whole table. Pari says it’s her 2nd day, she by no means went to school; she will be able to memorize it with time. Suomya wants a time till tomorrow and she or he will memorize the relaxation.

At the off time, Pari accompanies Suomya to the gate. Harman acknowledges Pari and wish her birthday. Suomya sends Pari and others closer to the bus. The kids desire her as pal, and Harman as uncle. Harman changed into offensive. Suomya watches a stand over the cycle decorated with plants. Suomya gets emotional and hugs Harman. Harman warns that youngsters are looking.

Precap: Harak Singh pulls Harman out of the room. He sings disturbing Suomya’s studies.

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