Shakti 26th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Soumya sitting in Nishant’s vehicle decky secretly to comply with them. Nishant drives the auto and kisses Shruti’s hand at the same time as driving. he is taking her to someplace and says there’s a wonder for you. Soumya receives down from the auto decky and runs following them. Varun tells his lawyer that Soumya will go back with the child. lawyer says Soumya will not go back with the infant because of the men whom we despatched and Harman will immediately visit jail. Gurmeet asks approximately Sukha. lawyer says he need to be first-class. Nishant tells Shruti that they are going to Jakarta inside the boat for a spoil. Shruti gets satisfied. Soumya comes at the back of them and asks them to return her son and says i will’t live without him. Shruti asks what do you need? cash. Soumya says I simply need my son. Shruti asks if she is mad.. a few goons come there and ask nishant to go. Soumya asks who has despatched you. Goon says Varun sent us. Nishant and Shruti are leaving. The goons hold Soumya’s hand and taking her away from them. someone is riding the motorbike speedy and comes there. He comes infront of the goons and Soumya. Goon asks who’re you? the guy at the motorbike takes to the air his helmet and suggests his face. Soumya receives happy to peer Harman.

A fb is proven, Harak Singh asks Harman to go away from the toilet window as Policeis coming to take him to lock up. Harman appreciates his concept and leaves from there. Harak Singh sleeps on Harman’s location and fools the constables. Then they exit and whinge to Inspector that Harman is lacking. fb ends. Soumya receives glad and says Harman ji…Goon asks who’re you. Harman gives his advent and says you may get kicks now. He fights with them. Soumya picks a timber log and beats the goons. Harman runs to Soumya and asks her to forestall beating him. Soumya asks how are you? Harman asks her to inform wherein is Soham? They pass toward the boat facet on the bike. Nishant and Shruti are strolling in the direction of the boat. Soumya pleads infront of them to return their son and says he is our son Soham. Shruti asks what are you saying? She says that is our Nick. Soumya asks Nishant to make her understand else she can name Police. Harman tells her that his wife is of smooth heart and that’s why pronouncing please, however i’m of a hot blood. Nishant asks them to prevent else he will throw the infant inside the water. he takes infant in his hand. Soumya asks him not to provide the toddler to them, and maintain him with himself. Harman also says the identical.

Police comes there. Shruti is shocked. Nishant asks Police to take them away. He asks Shruti to take her son. Shruti slaps him surprising Soumya and Harman. She looks at Soham and says this isn’t always our Nick. She says no father can speak approximately throwing his son in the water, but a mom can agree to go away from her toddler to shop her. Nishant asks her to understand and says he said that simply to….Shruti goes in the direction of Soumya and asks all police officers to leave. She asks Soumya to take her son and hugs him, earlier than giving her in Soumya’s hand. Soumya kisses the infant. Shruti walks away toward Nishant. Harman and Soumya hug Soham. Nishant realizes his mistake. Soumya says we got our Soham again and now i can no longer let him cross faraway from us. Shruti asks Nishant about their son Nick. Nishant says Nick died straight away after birth and he couldn’t tell her as she changed into in surprise, and then health practitioner counseled him to undertake a toddler. He says he had adopted this baby legally. Harman and Soumya come to them. Shruti cries. Soumya asks shruti now not to lose hope and asks her to believe God. She says she will be able to pray to God which you becomes a mother. Harman says he trusts Gulabo and tells that she has direct reference to God. Nishant says I didn’t mean to harm you. Harman says I apprehend, and says anything you said need to be excellent. Shruti says Soham got any such true mother. Nishant and Shruti say top bless you.

Precap: Soumya and Harman have an day trip with Soham and Riya. They romance whilst Lapata tune plays…..


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