Shakti 27th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Harak Singh and Preeto praying inside the temple. Preeto says right news will come. Harman calls Preeto and says we are coming from evening flight. Preeto receives glad and asks if Soham is observed. Varun gets to realize from his goons that Harman and Soumya were given the child. He receives indignant and thinks about how this takes place. They met Riya who asks him how he got here? Harman says he observed Soumya the usage of her place and came to his Gulabo. Does Riya ask who’s Gulabo? Soumya smiles. Riya smiles and says she is surprised seeing his access and advent. She says she is witnessing actual lifestyles love story for the first time. Preeto calls Soumya. Soumya says we are able to attain there the following day. Harman tells that they will roam Singapore the following day. Harak Singh, Preeto and others come home. Dhol men play the dhol.

Harak Singh Asks Raavi to carry Sukha and says he shall recognise. He tells Sukha that they found Soham. Raavi says we can release him the next day as I had promised Soumya that we will take Sukha to the airport. Preeto says he shall see our happiness. Harman, Soumya and Soham roam in Singapore and go shopping. primary Lapata tune performs….They dance. Soumya and Harman have a terrific time in Singapore. Riya is seen with them for a few scenes.

Later, Riya thanks them for his or her care. Soumya thank you, Riya for her assist. Harman asks Riya to come back to their Pind in India. Riya says she can come to satisfy her new pals. Soumya hugs her. Harman thank you her. Riya calls Taxi. Harman and Soumya sit down inside the taxi and leave.

Harman and Soumya are going to the airport. The taxi driver says you came alone and going with own family. Harman says yes. They reach the airport. Harman says we are able to begin our own international in our pind. Raavi feeds food to Sukha Mama and calls him Hans mama. Sukha coughs and asks for water. Raavi is going to get water. Sukha takes Raavi’s smartphone and calls Gurmeet. He asks him to do something and shares his plan. Harak Singh, Preeto and Sukha are going to the airport. Veeran and Raavi are in another vehicle. They attain Amritsar’s airport. Raavi gets Harman’s message that they’ve landed and watched for their stuff. Harak Singh asks the band men to play band. Harman and Soumya along with Soham come out of the airport. Raavi informs Harak Singh and Preeto. Preeto gets down from the automobile leaving Sukha in a car.

Harak Singh and Preeto welcome them with garland. Raavi showers flower petals on them. Preeto hugs her. Harak Singh says welcome to Amritsar. They hug Harman and Soumya. Soumya takes Harak Singh’s blessings. Preeto is grateful to God and takes Soham in her arms. Harak Singh takes Soham and asks Raavi to bring Aarti. He says devtas will be glad and all danavs shall get jealous. Raavi receives aarti plate from the auto and tells Sukha that she informed him that Harman and Soumya’s love is sturdy and that they have added him returned. Sukha thinks half of the sport continues to be closing.

Precap: Varun comes there with Panchayat and tells that infant and the child thieves are here. He asks her to offer Soham. Soumya refuses to give Soham to Varun.


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