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Preeto tells Harak Singh that opportunity has arrived that Harman will have his very own tyke. Harak Singh says it isn’t that simple. Preeto says we need to tell Mahi. Harak Singh asks how? Later harak Singh and Harman are drinking. Harman discloses to him that the moon used to hear Soumya and him and says you would have revealed to me that Soumya has done as such much for me and finishes companionship with him. Harak Singh makes him much alcoholic and requests that he drink more. He blends tablets in Harman’s beverage. Harman says I am drinking this as you gave me another companion. He says goodbye. Harak Singh takes him to his room. Preeto prepares Mahi and says today is the significant day of your life, he couldn’t keep his eyes off you. Harak Singh carries him to his room.

Mahi and Preeto take a gander at him. Preeto reveals to Mahi that today is her test and says you need to progress toward becoming Soumya for at some point and make Harman yours today. Mahi says I am extremely frightened, this is double-crossing. Preeto says there is no other way out, on the off chance that you don’t join with him, at that point we will lose our child and you will lose your better half. She has made Mahi spruced up like Soumya. Harak Singh and Preeto leave room. Preeto tells Harak Singh that Harman will get over frenzy for Soumya today. Harman is dozing. Mahi wears Soumya’s bangle and draws close to Harman. She calls Harman as Harman ji and requests that he get up. She inquires as to why you drink so much and requests that he get up. Harman opens his eyes and sees Soumya in Mahi. Mahi sits on bed and says I missed you so came.

Harman says you have come, so don’t go. Mahi says I will never leave you. He contacts her hairs and says you are not my Gulabo, move back. Mahi demonstrates Soumya’s bangle and says how might you overlook your Gulabo. Harman again envisions her as Soumya.Soumya gets up from rest and says what are you doing Harman ji. She supposes I have no privilege on Harman ji, don’t carry me closer to him even in dream. She goes to Mata rani and solicits her to make him from Mahi completely. Harman requests that her guarantee that she will never leave him. Mahi guarantees him that she will never leave him. Harman says I adore you. Mahi embraces him and switches off the lights.

Harman gets up and finds broken bangles on the bed. Mahi comes there. He asks what the messed up bangle was doing on my bed. Mahi says you was smashed, I carried you to bed with much trouble. Harman says I got hitched to you and haven’t given you ideal to contact me. He goes. Mahi picks Soumya’s bangle and says I need to win your better half by double-crossing. She says these bangle and Harman ji will be yours likewise and I can’t grab him from you. She says truth is that you are his beginning and end and I am no one to him. She cries.

Harman is setting off to his room. Mahi attempts to stop him. He disregards her and goes. It is indicated days and months are cruising by. Soumya helps Vedant get fine and help him walk. Mahi sees Harman ruining his life and engaged in Soumya’s musings. Soumya additionally misses Harman and cries when alone. Following two months, Harman reveals to Preeto that he took 5000 from her satchel. Preeto approaches him to take bahu for shopping. Harak Singh takes cash from his hand and approaches in the event that he needs it for wine. Harman says then how I will live. Harak Singh says I won’t give. Harman says however I can get a toxic substance.

Harak Singh gives him cash and solicits him not to exploit from his adoration. Mahi says I will accompany you and will come back with you. Harman says your security is your obligation. Harak Singh asks Preeto to deal with Harman. Shanno supposes I will ensure that your attempt isn’t effective.

Vedant, Rohan and Soumya turn out for shopping. Rohan asks did that champion meet her legend? Vedant says no, they got isolated for until the end of time. Harman brings Mahi to the market and requests that her purchase anything she desires and afterward return home. Rohan sees Harman and saw him. He calls him

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