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The Episode starts with Harman making a song song ek dusre se karte hai pyaar him protecting toddler in his hand while Soumya is with them. Varun seems at them. He says your ten mins have flown away and asks to give Soham lower back. Harman says nevertheless 15 seconds are left and asks him to go into reverse. Soumya tells Soham that they’ll meet him once more. Harman takes him and says you’re a tiger’s son and asks him now not to be scared of absolutely everyone. They give Soham to Varun and leave. Harman says what is going to take place whilst we get Soham lower back. Soumya says then we will have all the happiness. They forestall the auto to have golgappas. Soumya feels it highly spiced. Harman offers her water and tells the golgappa man that she is sensitive so upload a few candy chutney in her golgappa. Tu hi mera khuda plays…..Soumya have the golgappas. Harman asks what she is wondering?

Soumya says she is thinking about Rajat and says if his spouse changed into surely disloyal to him. Harman says don’t recognize what had occurred then. Soumya says they shall seek his spouse and do something for him. Harman says they shall move domestic now. some human beings throw stones on Rajat’s residence and then throws a fire bomb. Rajat attempts to set the fire off. Sukha calls Harman and says you’re egocentric kinnar to hazard innocent Rajat’s lifestyles for her cause. Rajat comes out of his house. people throw stone on him. Soumya tells Harman that Sukha and Varun attacked Rajat. She calls Manasvi and asks her to come back to Rajat residence.

Harman and Soumya reach there. Rajat shoots at the man and he falls down. Sukha calls Chaddha and tells him that Rajat is mad and shot down a person. Chaddha syas he will enhance this query in court docket. Harman and Soumya ask what did he do? He killed a person. Rajat asks the person to arise and says he is manjeet, my man. He shot him with fake bullets to make humans move. He says when there may be a combat with humans then they shall alternate their doings. Manasvi says she will be able to put together for the clicking convention. Rajat offers interview that the crowd attacked him the day gone by and he made the group pass by means of shooting at his man with fake bullets. Chaddha says Rajat Singh is coming in shape. humans comment that Rajat Singh shall no longer be attacked for combating kinnar’s case. Rajat says first he will exchange anybody’s questioning after which will win the case. Harman says Rajat is like me. Soumya says he don’t fight like you. Harman asks her to have tea with him seeing a tea stall. They get down the auto. human beings identifies Soumya, while the information flashes at the tv on the tea stall. Soumya gets hesitant and sits there. Harman asks the person to present him tea. Tea supplier tells that he’ll not give tea to a kinnar. Harman gets indignant and tells her that he’ll ask his kinnar spouse to wish for him. A boy asks his father why he is not giving her tea. The tea supplier scolds his son. Harman says he desires to go to toilet. Soumya says even she desires to pass. The lady and guy there tell that Soumya is neither a person nor a woman so she will’t use men or women bathroom. Soumya gets upset and says shall we move from here. Harman builds the toilet along with his hand. Tea vendor’s son involves them and deliver him a brick. Harman asks him to head and take a look at. He makes rest room for Soumya and writes her name.

Rajat involves Saya’s tent and greets her. Saya asks a person to convey chair and tells that their residence is beneath restore. Rajat says he got here to document her declaration. He asks if she tried to take Soumya after her birth. Saya tells that Nimmi saved Soumya from her and no one knew about her kinnar truth in her locality. Harman asks her to come and says special washroom for special her. Soumya thank you him for giving her a lot admire and says you are actually precise. Harman says i am not exact, but your love made me accurate. Boy comes and says i can make tea for you. His father comes and scolds the boy. Boy says you used to say that consumer is a God and asks Soumya to return to their stall. He provides water to the tea pot. Soumya is going to the washroom made by using Harman.

Precap Upcoming Shakti episode update: Soumya comes to house and calls Papa. a person aims gun. Soumya informs Preeto that Papa and Dadi aren’t at domestic.


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