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The Episode begins with Saya asking Soumya if she will be able to sleep leaving Harman in misunderstanding. Soumya says she can speak to him. Kareena informs Preeto. Preeto says good enough. next morning, Kareena wakes up Soumya. Saya says these days Soumya will not go to work. Soumya says she can pass overdue. Kareena says what paintings you used to do there and asks if she is caretaker or need to stare owner. Saya says you’ll know in case you had labored. She says if enterprise is wakeful then Soumya need to work too. She asks her to get prepared and talk to Harman.

Harman and Harak Singh come to Vedant. Vedant tells that Tarana and i looked for this GST document late night time after which sooner or later located. Bansal comes and greets them. He asks wherein is Tarana? Vedant says she went at four am in the night, I asked her to come back overdue. He asks Kaka to make tea just as Tarana made.

Raavi meets Saya and tells that she may be very scared about Harman and soumya and should do some thing. Saya says what to do and tells that Soumya asked me no longer to interfere. Raavi says they shall yearn to be with each different. Sindhu comes and says bhabhi can’t smash her relation with bhaiyya or can’t depart Guru maa’s chair. She tells that Bhabhi has closed all the doorways. Raavi asks what did you come at the back of me. Sindhu says I came to unite them and says as soon as she comes home, i will ask her what she thinks of herself. Harman says i will ask her what she thinks of herself. Harak Singh asks him to relax. Harman says I shall deal with paintings. He sees Soumya inside the factory and is going to her. Harman asks Soumya if she turned into searching the file until four am. Soumya says she packed the toys and then become looking the documents. He says you locate the entirety fast. Soumya says i was coming to give an explanation for to you. Harman says Vedant likes your elaichi tea and says he’s benevolent to you.

Vedant comes there and asks what changed into the trouble? Harman says I requested her to come back on time. Vedant says she couldn’t sleep at night time because of me. He is going. Harman tells that you are becoming increment and turns into maharani of the house where you labored as a Servant. He says it’s miles proper and is going. Soumya thinks the misunderstandings are so large that he don’t listen to her.

Shanno calls Preeto and calls a sadhu baba who’s an professional to interrupt the members of the family. She asks her to give money. Preeto says I don’t agree with and asks her to ask him to go. Shanno asks her to permit him attempt to supply him cash. Preeto brings cash. Shanno asks Sadhu baba to interrupt Harman and Soumya’s relation. Raavi says nowadays Preeto wished a Sadhu to break Harman’s relation with Soumya. Sadhu baba tells that he isn’t an normal baba and asks her to tell what’s her trouble. Raavi says she married twice, but both times her marriage smash. She tells Preeto which you didn’t do anything to save my marriage, but known as baba to break harman’s marriage. Preeto says in case you don’t want to live here then you may leave. Raavi says i can sit right here and will see my mom’s changed conduct. Sindhu tells baba that her brother tied the other baba and threw him inside the river. Shanno scolds Sindhu and asks baba to do puja. Baba says i can’t do and runs away.

Raavi demanding situations Preeto that she can try to unite Harman and Soumya with Mallika’s help. Vedant asks Soumya if she didn’t reflect onconsideration on marriage. Soumya says kinnars don’t have marriage in their future. Vedant says you’re lovely and have all of the characteristics of a spouse. He asks if she didn’t think. Soumya says they can’t get what the want. Vedant says in case you get then will you stay existence with him. Soumya says no and tells that she has promised Bansal to take care of him until he gets high-quality. He says lets play antakshiri. Soumya says i have work. Vedant sings music Ruk jaa…tune. Harman, Harak Singh and Bansal come there. Vedant says we could play antakshiri. Harman says I come right here to work and now not to play antakshiri. Bansal appreciates Tarana for making Vedant satisfied. He says my son has turn out to be eight years vintage son. Vedant says he isn’t small, no longer to recognize love. He asks Harman to sit and play antakshiri. He asks soumya to convey chair for herself. Bansal sings song. Vedant claps. He asks Soumya to sing track.

Precap: Harman is stricken and asks no one shall contact him. Harak Singh blames Soumya for the happenings. Vedant takes out mahurat for his wedding ceremony with Soumya.


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