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The Episode begins with Harman asking Soumya to rest for someday and sleep. He guarantees to bring Soham returned and asks her to agree with him. He alternatives the fallen bottle. Soumya asks him to throw it and says Soham will not go back. She tells him that the cradle is light and reminds him of his promise and asks him to carry her Soham back. it’s far Harman’s imagination. Soumya is sound asleep. Her words echo in his ears. Harman cries. Varun tells Sukha that he’s glad to drink tea by way of his wife. Sunaina asks about Soham. Varun says he isn’t always Harman and Soumya’s son, he is Varun singh’s son and we are able to call him something else. Soham cries aloud. Harman is status outside the house. Varun comes to baby and says he is like his mum, and asks him to forestall else he’ll lock him. He says he couldn’t have a good time his wedding night time because of him. Harman comes inner via the window and takes Soham. Soham stops crying. Gurmeet holds his hand and calls anyone there, asking them to look the thief. all of them see Harman there. Gurmeet challenges Harman to fight with him. Sukha says lets see if Preeto crammed revenge hearth in you. Harman says Soumya wishes Soham. Sukha takes toddler from his hand and asks him no longer to beg, however seize the child if he has strength. Varun smiles.
Soumya calls Harak Singh and says Soham isn’t always in his room. Preeto stops him. Gurmeet asks Harman to fight with him. Harman asks him to offer his son and says I don’t need to combat with everybody. Sukha asks him to combat with Gary if he has power. Varun calls Police.

Soumya concerns for Soham and says don’t recognize if he is hungry or eaten some thing. Harak Singh asks Veeran approximately Harman. Veeran says he didn’t see him considering that morning. Harman asks Gurmeet to overcome him until he gets unconsciousness and says while i am getting subconscious, my circle of relatives will take me. And says if I don’t get unconscious then i can take Soham from right here. Sukha has the same opinion with him and asks Gurmeet to beat him badly. Gurmeet hits Harman with the tough stick. Gurmeet throws the stick afar. Sukha tells Inspector that Harman came to scouse borrow the baby. Inspector says when it is determined then why he is stealing the infant. He asks him to make him understand. Inspector shall we him move. Sukha thinks who has referred to as Police.

Varun says I called Police and says you don’t understand Harman. Sukha says you don’t realize my son and asks him not to prevent the combat next time. Soumya tells that Harman promised her to deliver Soham. Harman comes home and feels helpless. He comes domestic and tells her that they will get him. Soumya says i’m able to’t live with out him and asks him to come to take him. Harman shouts at her and tells that everyone is involved for Soham and we are able to carry him at some point. Soumya asks why he’s giving her fake hopes. Harman shouts at her and says Soham is gone, we are able to adopt a toddler or live childless like many couples in the international. Soumya cries. Preeto tells Soumya that Harman is helpless. Sukha calls Harak Singh and says Harman got here here to scouse borrow the infant, however my son isn’t always much less than a tiger and had overwhelmed him badly. He asks him to look injury on his frame. Harak Singh is taken aback and calls Harman asking him to prevent.

He touches his hand. Harman feels pain. Harak Singh asks Harman to dispose of his jacket and offers his promise. Harman removes his jacket. Harak Singh sees the marks on his hand and questions Harman. Harman tells that even he felt the ache of departing with Soham and that’s why went to thieve his own son from Sukha’s house. He says Sukha’s son began beating him and Police reached there. He says he can combat with everybody, however this time God isn’t always in a mood to help him.

Shakti 5th February 2019 Written Update Precap: Soumya applies ointment on Harman’s hand and says she became blinded in her motherly love that she couldn’t see his ache. She tells that everyone is sad.

Shakti 5th February 2019 Written Episode Update

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