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Harman and Harak Singh come to Vedant. Vedant tells that Tarana and I scanned for this GST record late night and afterward at long last found. Bansal comes and welcomes them. He asks where is Tarana? Vedant says she went at 4 am in the night, I requested that her arrive behind schedule. He asks Kaka to make tea similarly as Tarana made.

Raavi meets Saya and informs that she is exceptionally frightened concerning Harman and soumya and need to accomplish something. Saya says what to do and advises that Soumya asked me not to meddle. Raavi says they will long to be with one another. Sindhu comes and says bhabhi can’t break her connection with bhaiyya or can’t leave Guru maa’s seat. She tells that Bhabhi has shut every one of the entryways.

Raavi asks what did you come behind me. Sindhu says I came to join them and says once she gets back home, I will solicit her what she supposes from herself. Harman says I will solicit her what she supposes from herself. Harak Singh requests that he quiet down. Harman says I will focus on work. He sees Soumya in the processing plant and goes to her. Harman inquires as to whether she was looking through the document till 4 am. Soumya says she pressed the toys and after that was looking through the documents. He says you discover everything quick. Soumya says I was coming to disclose to you. Harman says Vedant likes your elaichi tea and says he is kindhearted to you.

Vedant comes there and asks what was the issue? Harman says I requested that her please time. Vedant says she couldn’t rest around evening time as a result of me. He goes. Harman tells that you are getting augmentation and will move toward becoming maharani of the house where you filled in as a Servant. He says it is correct and goes. Soumya thinks the misconceptions are big to the point that he don’t hear her out.

Shanno calls Preeto and calls a sadhu baba who is a specialist to break the relations. She requests that her give cash. Preeto says I don’t accept and requests that her request that he go. Shanno requests that her let him attempt and give him cash. Preeto brings cash. Shanno requests that Sadhu baba break Harman and Soumya’s connection. Raavi says today Preeto required a Sadhu to break Harman’s connection with Soumya. Sadhu baba tells that he isn’t a normal baba and requests that her determine what is her concern.

Raavi says she wedded twice, however the multiple times her marriage break. She discloses to Preeto that you didn’t successfully spare my marriage, however called baba to break harman’s marriage. Preeto says on the off chance that you would prefer not to remain here, at that point you can leave. Raavi says I will stay here and will see my mom’s changed conduct. Sindhu tells baba that her sibling tied the other baba and tossed him in the waterway. Shanno chides Sindhu and requests that baba do puja. Baba says I can’t do and flees.

Raavi challenges Preeto that she will attempt to join Harman and Soumya with Mallika’s assistance. Vedant inquires as to whether she didn’t consider marriage. Soumya says kinnars don’t have marriage in their predetermination. Vedant says you are excellent and have every one of the characteristics of a spouse. He inquires as to whether she didn’t think. Soumya says they can’t get what the need. Vedant says on the off chance that you get, at that point will you live with him.

Soumya says no and advises that she has guaranteed Bansal to deal with him until he gets fine. He says lets play antakshiri. Soumya says I have work. Vedant sings tune Ruk jaa… tune. Harman, Harak Singh and Bansal come there. Vedant says lets play antakshiri. Harman says I come here to work and not to play antakshiri. Bansal acknowledges Tarana for making Vedant glad. He says my child has turned out to be 8 years of age child. Vedant says he isn’t little, not to get love. He asks Harman to sit and play antakshiri. He approaches soumya to bring seat for herself. Bansal sings melody. Vedant applauds. He asks Soumya to sing tune.

Precap: Harman is vexed and asks no one will contact him. Harak Singh faults Soumya for the happenings. Vedant takes out mahurat for his wedding with Soumya.


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