Shakti 6th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Harak Singh And His Family Shield Soumya And Soham

Shakti 6th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Sarpanch asking the villagers to snatch the baby from Soumya’s lap. Harman says no one shall come in front. Saya and other kinnars come there. Villagers and the goons fight with them. Preeto, Harak Singh, Harman and Raavi try to shield Soumya and Soham. Harak Singh asks Harman to run with Soumya. Harman and Soumya run, while his family members combat with the humans. Saya pushes the guys, and makes a valid with her tongues.. Goons inform that they’ll no longer leave Soumya. Chameli asks Saya to come and says they shall go to Police. She forcibly takes Saya with them. Harman and Soumya are walking with Soham at the same time as a few villagers observe her. The angry mob throws stones on them, without thinking that the stone can hit toddler Soham. Harman bears the stone on him. Nasiba tune performs….Villagers run after Harak Singh and his family. Varun comes and holds Harman’s hand. Harman asks him to leave his hand anyway. Varun says these days this canine day came and asks him to combat with him. Harman brushes off his hand. Varun says you used to assume society as fool and asks him to look society strength. They see people coming close to them. Soumya selections a stone and throws on Varun’s head. They run closer to their home. Harak Singh and his family additionally come there jogging. They lock the door. all and sundry is slightly injured.

Harman says even supposing Kayamat comes, then it has to attain me before accomplishing my wife and son. The angry mob tells that they may ruin the door. Sarpanch comes there and asks Harak Singh to open the door, and says they couldn’t allow a kinnar to live in the village. He says you have got betrayed us and might be punished. Harak Singh says you are Sarpanch and asks him no longer to teach him the law, and says it’ll be very awful for you. Harak Singh all his circle of relatives stand holding hand to protect Soumya. Harak Singh asks his circle of relatives no longer to take tension and says not anything can occur to my circle of relatives. Sarpanch asks him to open the door. Sukha says I promise you that no one will touch you and asks him to kick kinnar out. Harman says Soumya will now not pass anywhere. Sukha tells that they shall destroy the door.

Sarpanch tells that they have to interrupt the door being helpless. anybody receives tensed. Harman says Gulabo. Preeto tells that she will deliver a remedy and goes. Soumya says my kinnar reality is a curse for the circle of relatives and they should bear so much due to me, and blames herself. Harak Singh says so what occurred. He says father and son have wrestled all lifestyles and says they may combat with all and sundry. He asks Soumya now not to fear and calls her beti…Soumya receives emotional and touched. She asks what did you name me Harak Singh says you’re like Raavi to me and a member of the family. He says you regard Preeto as your mum so i am your father by that relation. Soumya gets touched and cries. Harak Singh asks her no longer to take tension. Shanno is stunned. neighbours ask Harak Singh to open the door. Harak Singh says when these kinds of crowd pass then he will open the door. Preeto asks Veeran to shut all returned doorways and asks Raavi to check the home windows.

Saya and others come to Inspector and ask him to come with him and shop Soumya. Inspector laughs and says Harak Singh is a wrestler and tells that Harman’s spouse doesn’t look like a kinnar from any perspective. Saya facts his words and threatens him. Inspector says i will come. Preeto applies medication on Harak Singh’s accidents and says no one cares. Harman applies for medicine on Preeto’s injuries. Veeran and Raavi come and inform that each one doorway and windows are closed. Shanno tells that this will have destined to appear, as they’ve kinnar at home. Veeran takes her to room. Sarpanch tells that they are telling for ultimate time, and tells that they’ll ruin the door. Veeran tells Shanno that he isn’t Harak Singh and Preeto’s wellwisher, however, he will now not leave them on this condition. Shanno says villagers will kill us. Veeran says we attempted to kill his son and snatched his home, then additionally he widely wide-spread us. He says i will combat with the villagers and stand by him. Harak Singh gets tensed seeing the villagers pushing the residence. Does Harman say how dare they? Preeto stops him.

Harak Singh tells that everyone is mad and tells that they have got to make a plan. He asks Harman to hold the couch on the door. Preeto asks Harman to prevent and asks him to go and contend with Soumya. She says I can do that painting. Harak Singh, Preeto and Raavi placed couch at the door. Harman asks Soumya why is she crying? Soumya tells that that is taking place due to me. Harman says that is occurring due to society and their cheap questioning. He says our love is a long way beyond their wondering and that’s why they are incorrect. Harak Singh asks Harman to name Inspector. The villagers throw stones on his residence.

Harak Singh and his family are taken aback to peer stones falling on them from out of doors. Preeto asks Soumya to move interior. Harak Singh takes his gun and fires outdoor thru window. Varun asks what are you doing Mama ji? Harak Singh asks him to close up.

Precap Upcoming Shakti episode update: A person throws the stone on Harak Singh’s head. Harman takes the gun and is derived out and fires in the air. all people get taken aback and back off.


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