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The Episode starts with Chaddha asking Rajat if he went to Kinnar’s house. Rajat says sure. Chaddha shows the pix and tells that he went to kinnars’ house, and gets % clicked on their announcing, however take a look at the pics virtually. He says Rajat turned into hesitant to face with kinnars, as if he’s feeling disgusted to face with them. He gets the photographs distributed to everybody present in the courtroom. Saya recollects Rajat asking them to face near them, and tells decide that Rajat asked them to stand near, but they only kept distance with him. Chaddha asks Rajat why did he refuse to have tea. Rajat says I don’t have time to drink tea, I had to go to Soumya’s village. Chaddha says he was no longer having time to drink tea, but had time to get the p.c clicked. Rajat says it’s miles your questioning. Chaddha asks him to swear on his spouse, whom he used to love a lot and inform that he don’t experience disgusted. Rajat asks Chaddha no longer to intervene in his personal existence and tells judge that when they requested him for tea, he became hesitant to drink tea for a moment, but at the other second, he questioned his thoughts for his upbringing. He says why we’re introduced up with such mind-set and says that’s why i am announcing, it isn’t pretty much Soumya, however of each kinnars’ identification. Chaddha asks Rajat to come out. He tells that Rajat gives lecture to misguide people and tells that he is a hypocrite who doesn’t want to drink tea by means of kinnars’ hand and talks about their rights. Rajat attempts to clarify. choose tells that court is adjourned for the next listening to. Sukha and Varun smirks.

Saya slaps the kinnar who clicked that p.c and asks who asked you to get the % clicked with Rajat, and whilst he asked everyone to get nearer, then why you don’t permit him live close. The kinnar tells that Soumya is getting the whole lot, and became wife and mom, but their destiny isn’t always like her, and they need to clap for their earning and listen human beings scoffs. She tells that she wishes Soumya to lose the case and are available to kinnars house.

Soumya thank you Rajat and tells that they may be positive to win the case. Rajat says he will alternate the contemplating people. Chaddha gives the money to the kinnar, who turned into slapped via Saya, and he asks her to do his paintings like he said. Preeto tells Harak Singh that it’s miles our mistake that Chaddha is saying all that to us, he wouldn’t have informed this, if we had conventional Soumya lengthy back. Harak Singh says it was simply time mistake and asks her to have endurance. Soumya thinks of Chaddha’s words, and asks Harman if he feels disgusted by way of her. Harman asks do you sense disgusted once I receives under the influence of alcohol and says don’t realize the way you undergo me. Soumya says you are the pleasant husband. Harman says you have got popular me the manner i am, and i love you, says you bears me lots. Soumya hugs him.

Rajat appears at his wife’s p.c in his wallet and thinks even nowadays her love doesn’t let him take fake swear. A fb is proven, his spouse smiles whilst he comes home. She assessments him and says you didn’t drink. Rajat tells that he drank due to Sharma ji and then chewed chewing gum to get off the smell. His spouse tells that he is the only sincere husband. facebook ends. Rajat thinks today i am drinking and now not answerable to all and sundry.

Soumya attempts to wake up Harman. Harman asks her to allow him sleep. Soumya continues his finger in the tea and he wakes up. Soumya laughs. Harman says i will take tub each day with this warm tea to see your smile. simply then his phone rings. Harman choices the decision. Rajat asks him to get all stuff of Surbhi and says i’m able to come there. Harman says good enough. Rajat comes domestic and checks Surbhi’s stuff. He asks about Sumit. Soumya tells him about Sumit. Rajat says we have to go to his house right away. They go to Sumit’s house. His mom opens the door. Rajat tells that he desires to meet Sumit. Sumit’s mom tells that he went to uk. Rajat tells Soumya is Surbhi’s sister. Sumit’s mother tells how am i able to assist you, Sumit is not right here. They leave. Rajat says we will suppose a few other manner now. Sumit’s mum calls them asking to stop and indicates the letter which Surbhi wrote to Sumit, and says after this letter, he left India. She asks them to read it. Rajat reads the letter. Soumya asks what’s written in this letter? Rajat says may be this letter returns your son to you. Soumya receives hopeful.

Precap Upcoming Shakti Episode Update: Soumya asks Harman why is he here within the temple early morning. Harman says he’s praying for her victory and tells that nowadays he’ll win.


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