Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 13th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Preeto comes to Harak Singh and says if there is any approach to bring back Soumya in this house. Harak Singh says we have never acknowledged her completely in this house as she is a kinnar. He says it was all your misstep, first you despise her enormously and afterward you adored her colossally. He says now Soumya is content with Vedant and she is content with Harman’s marriage. Preeto says she needs to treat her child. Harak Singh says let this feline and rodent game is finished and tells that Mahi is pregnant with Harman’s tyke and their fantasy is satisfied. Preeto says I would prefer not to join them, she is as yet a kinnar and I need her to make Harman fine. Harak Singh requests that her acknowledge that Soumya is of Vedant and Harman is of Mahi.

Rekha asks Mr. Bansal what did Soumya say when you employed her? She says she said that she was a vagrant. He says yes and says she is a decent young lady. Rekha tells that Vedant contends with Soumya and escapes them. She says Soumya carries on like she is a Maharani of some spot. Mr. bansal supposes I will not inform her concerning Soumya’s reality, after marriage they will go to London.

Harman sees Mahi making courses of action to rest on floor. He requests that her rest on bed and demands her. Mahi says I will rest on floor. Harman says I will rest on couch and requests that her rest on bed. He says he satisfies every one of his guarantees made to Soumya.

Vedant comes to room and bolts the entryway from inside. Saya approaches Soumya’s number. Soumya requests that he offer call to her. Vedant says until marriage occurs, you will be in my authority. He requests that her get him up toward the beginning of the day for opening the lock.

Mahi pulls the drapery. Soumya awakens asking Gulabo to allow him to rest. He sees Mahi and stops. Mahi discloses to him that she needs to hear such a great amount about Soumya and says even the child needs to hear his dad’s valiance. Harman grins. Mahi says Soumya resembles my didi and I need to think about her. Harman starts recounting to the story and advises that he went to seize a young lady denying his companion, however he grabbed Soumya rather and after that he got hitched to her infront of the individuals.

Saya and others come to Soumya and Vedant’s mehendi. Vedant requests that her sit unobtrusively. Chameli inquires as to whether they will get nek. Rekha says why not and takes cash from Adesh and provides for them. She asks Saya to favor Soumya and says she is a vagrant, yet we are fortunate to have such a lovely young lady in our family. As Vedant converses with Rohan, Saya goes to Soumya and asks what favors she will give as a mother or as a kinnar. Soumya requests that her give any gifts. Rekha hears them and is stunned. Saya goes from that point. Chameli discloses to Saya that Soumya’s mehendi is done and very soon she will wed Vedant. Saya says we can’t do anything, this marriage can’t stop now. Rekha turns out and requests that they stop. She says I heard you conversing with Soumya, however didn’t comprehend what you said. Saya says I favored her and turned out. Rekha inquires as to why she was calling you maa. Chameli says she is kinnar of our locale. Rekha gets stunned and shocked. Chameli says we are for the most part her family.

Rekha comes inside and requests that decorators stop the courses of action, says this marriage won’t occur. She sprinkles gangajal in the house. Mr. bansal inquires as to for what reason are you sprinkling gangajal. Rekha says Soumya is really a kinnar, she was remaining with us, was making us having sustenance and contacted us and you was going to wed her. Vedant says what you came to know today, we knew as of now. Rekha and Adesh are stunned.

Precap: Vedant points weapon at Mr. bansal and takes Soumya to sanctuary. Mr. Bansal illuminates Harman that Vedant and Soumya’s marriage was phony and today he will wed her persuasively. Harman gets furious. Vedant takes her to sanctuary persuasively to wed her.


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